‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Who Gets Eliminated Tonight? 10/16/2019

CBS Survivor: Season 39

Survivor continues tonight on CBS. The competition series has already had some unexpected developments during its first three episodes, and tonight will see another castaway get eliminated. But which one? Which castaway will be eliminated and sent home? Which will continue on to next week?

BEWARE OF SPOILERS and stop reading now if you are not caught up and do not want to know what happened during season 39 episode 4 of Survivor. This article will be updated live as the episode airs, so keep checking back for more information.

8:10 – We see the aftermath of the council vote. Aaron Meredith took note of the fact that Karishma Patel would be an easy target in the future. He also noticed that Dean Kowalski and Chelsea Walker were cuddling at night and they have the potential to become a “power couple.” It appears as though they are targeting him. Aaron speaks to Dean about his relationship with Chelsea, and asks whether he’d be willing to vote him out to protect her.

8:15 – Some key developments take place at the Vokai tribe. Jamal Shipman is stressing the fact that he’s at the bottom of the food chain, so he spends some time idol hunting. As luck would have it, he finds what he’s looking for. Elsewhere, the tribe decide who to send off to the Island of the Idols, and they go with Noura Salman.

8:20 – Noura meets up with Boston Rob and Sandra on the Island of Idols. Their conversation centers around food, and they talk about persuasion as a valuable skill. Boston Rob then asks Noura to persuade her tribe to make her the caller, and that she will get a “vote block” advantage if she succeeds. Noura accepts the challenge.

8:25 – Noura returns to the Vokai tribe and tells the other members they have to unanimously agree on the role she plays. The members are confused by the scenario, but they ultimately decide to go along with it. They then go to the immunity challenge.

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8:30 – Jeff Probst explains they will need to have a caller lead blindfolded members through a course in order to unlock puzzle pieces. Once they are found, the caller will have to help them solve the pieces. Despite agreeing to help Noura, Vokai force her to sit out during the immunity challenge, unwittingly stripping her of a vote at the next tribal council.

8:35 – Vokai select Jason Linden as their caller, while the Lairo tribe select Elizabeth Beisel. The former is successful, finding all three keys, while the latter only finds one. While the challenge got tense as things went on, Jeff Probst commended Jason for staying calm. He remains steadfast, and it results in Vokai winning the immunity challenge by a hair.

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8:45 – After the loss, the Lairo tribe begin to turn on one another. Karishma is expecting the entire tribe to vote against her, while Aaron plans to turn the vote against Dean. He presents the idea to Elizabeth and the rest of the tribe members. Elizabeth told them she was on board, but she and Elaine are hesitant, because Aaron has shown a tendency to vote out people he was previously allies with.

9:00 – Karishma opens up about her continued struggle to socialize at the tribal council, while Elaine. Jeff Probst asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol, and when no one offers one up, he read the votes: Karishma, Karishma, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. Despite having an idol in her pocket, Chelsea gets sent home. The showmance between her and Dean falls apart during the same episode in which it started.