‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers: Singers Revealed Live

The Masked Singer Season 2


Tonight, season 2 of The Masked Singer aired episode 4, with six characters performing on stage. Read on below for a live recap of what went down, along with SPOILERS on which singer was revealed.

“The Masked Singer” Clues and Guesses Tonight

The Masked Singer Spoilers Season 2 Tonight


The Flamingo was the first performer of the night and for her clues, she shouted out “Chica Flam Flam”. Some of the Flamingo’s clues were about how she got started in the industry. She said she came from humble beginnings and was discovered by someone. She then became a triple threat. The Flamingo also revealed that she originally wanted to be a doctor when she was little.

For her performance tonight, Flamingo sang Kenny Loggins’ song “Footloose” and the judges loved her set. Judge Jenny McCarthy guessed Adrienne Bailon as the identity of the Flamingo, while Robin Thicke went with Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Leopard was the second performer of the night and he said that he wasn’t born a winner. He said he was passed “from pack to pack” and has “lived his life in color”. Could he be Jamie Foxx from In Living Color? He also talked about “prime time” and his best “title” yet. For his performance tonight, he delivered a rendition of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches”.

One of our guesses, if he isn’t Jamie Foxx, is possibly RuPaul. Billy Porter was a guess made by judge Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy guessed RuPaul. The Leopard later revealed that he once served fast food and that, at one point, he was an engineer.

Tonight, Black Widow said that ever since she was little, she had to “embody a squeaky clean image”. She said that no matter what she’s tried, she couldn’t fit in. She also talked about her curvy shape. This backs up our guess that she is Raven Symone and judge Robin Thicke also guessed Symone.

The Black Widow appeared to have a broken arm and said she shouldn’t ride “hoverboards”.

For her performance, Black Widow delivered a flawless rendition of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”. McCarthy said that Black Widow “brought the house down”.

Another clue of Black Widow’s was that she “never went to prom” but she appeared to on TV.

The Skeleton was the next performer and he said, “you see Amigos”. Could he be Martin Short from “Three Amigos”? Ken Jeong is convinced that it’s Martin Short, but his voice during tonight’s performance did not sound like Martin Short. Who could it be? Jenny McCarthy was convinced that the Skeleton is Paul Shaffer, but then he said that he was once inducted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Thingamajig was up next and he said something about “bulls” and that “real magic comes from within”. He also called himself a “big softy”. He said he wants to show people he’s “just as warm and fuzzy on the inside” as heis on the outside. For his set tonight, he performed “Rainbow”. His voice and range was incredible. The performance brought Scherzinger to tears and had McCarthy out of her seat.

Ken Jeong guessed that Thingamajig could be singer Montell Jordan.

Thingamajig then revealed he previously went to rehab, which prompted McCarthy to guess Dennis Rodman.

The Butterfly was up next and her clues were that everyone used to “say her name” at the height of her career, but when she decided to spread her wings, it led to breakups and break downs. We think it’s Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, especially since one of their songs was “Say My Name”.

For her performance tonight, Butterfly sang “Livin’ on a Prayer”. Butterfly went on to reveal that during rehearsals, she got electrocuted on stage, but that she’s okay.

Who Was Unmasked on “The Masked Singer” Tonight?

The character who got the least amount of votes tonight was Skeleton and before the Skeleton unmasked himself, the judges got one more round of guesses. McCarthy again went with Paul Shaffer and Robin Thicke agreed, based on the orchestral clues. Jeong stuck with his Martin Short guess. And, Nicole Scherzinger guessed Teller from Penn & Teller.

And it was Paul Shaffer, who appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman for years!