‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Episode 3 Spoilers: Singers Revealed Live

The Masked Singer Season 2


Tonight, season 2 of The Masked Singer aired episode 3, with four new characters going head to head on stage. Read on below for a live recap of what went down, along with SPOILERS on which singer was revealed.

The Battles

Up first was the Black Widow Spider against the Leopard.

After years of living in the public eye, we are in her empire. She said, consider this her director’s cut. She said her character is more dark than people are used to seeing her. For her performance, she sang “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. The Black Widow had a beautiful voice and even had judge Robin Thicke dancing in place. Soon, the other judges followed suit. Nicole Scherzinger exclaimed, “I know this voice” during the performance. Ken Jeong said he was “completely blown away” and thought it could be one of his former co-stars. Amber Riley from Glee was Jenny McCarthy’s guess.

Next up was the Leopard, who the judges thought was a woman. But, it turned out to be a man. He said he knows what it’s like to have been at the top. He was a “heavy-hitter” and he said all anyone wants to talk about now is the “celebrity aspect”. He said people are always talking about his relationships and life. He said that, behind the mask, he will always be “the Leopard”. For her performance, he delivered a rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. Our guess would be Dennis Rodman for this one. The judges were guessing Jamie Foxx as the disguised star.

So, which one of the two performers won the battle, automatically moving on to the next round of the competition? The Black Widow.

This meant that Leopard would face the smackdown later on in the episode.

Next up was the Panda against Flamingo.

Tonight, Flamingo strutted out in high heels to enthusiastically greet the crowd. Some more clues about the Flamingo were about “Zootube”, which could mean YouTube. She has beauty and fashion tricks online and said she’s felt trapped in her career, but decided to leave and take back control of her “destiny”. She said she hopes for “new beginnings”. For her performance, she delivered a rendition of Jonas Brothers’ hit “Sucker”. She said she loves luxurious vacations (needing an “escape”) and is sassy. The Flamingo admitted to the cameras back stage that performing is very out of character for her, that she isn’t really a professional singer.

For her clues package on episode 3, Panda said that her dad is a major influence and she said she comes from “the greatest” family. She said this competition is no “match” for her and that she’s taking a page out of her dad’s book to create her own legacy. This made us think she was Laila Ali, Mohammad Ali’s daughter.

Panda ended up losing the battle and had to face the Leopard in the Smackdown.

But, which one of them lost the Smackdown?

Panda Was Unmasked on “The Masked Singer”

For the Smackdown, Panda performed “All I Do Is Win,” while Leopard sang “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Leopard ultimately was the winner, which meant that Panda was going to be unmasked.

So, who was the Panda?

Laila Ali!

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