Flower on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues, Guesses & Spoilers So Far 11/6/19

Flower on 'The Masked Singer'

Youtube The Flower performing on 'The Masked Singer'.

The Flower performs for the second time on season 2 of The Masked Singer tonight, along with the Rottweiler, Penguin, and Ladybug. Read on below for the spoilers, clues, and guesses surrounding the Flower so far in the competition.

“The Masked Singer” Flower Clues

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The Flower has dazzled judges and audiences alike with her singing chops and her magnetic stage presence. “I blossom in every field I plant myself in and I am here to branch out yet again,” she said during her clue package. “I am going to put my petals to the metals and make the other singers wilt.”

The Flower revealed that she excels in different fields, including cooking, and she’s always wearing lipstick/makeup. She also has a doctorate from Temple University, and she intentionally uses the phrases “vision of love” and “what’s love got to do with it,” which are the names of popular songs by Mariah Carey and Tina Turner, respectively.

“The Masked Singer” Flamingo Guesses

Because of the “vision of love” reference and her impressive vocals, many have guessed that the Flower is actually pop superstar Mariah Carey. Carey was Nicole Scherzinger’s guess after the Flower’s inaugural performance, but outside of the lyrical reference, there’s little to support this theory. Plus, as some fans have pointed out, Carey would likely have taken on the guise of a butterfly had she chosen to appear on the show.

A theory that has gained much more traction is that Flower is R&B legend Patti LaBelle. The parallels between Flower’s clues and LaBelle’s career are uncanny, right down to the fact that LaBelle has an honorary doctorate from Temple University and is known for her top-notch vocals. LaBelle owned her own makeup line at one point, which ties into the clue about always wearing lipstick, and she has a show on the Cooking Channel, as well as a line of famous pies, which align with the clue about food.

Things become even more convincing when you examine the lyrical nods that the Flower makes towards the end of her clue package. While neither “Visions of Love” or “What’s Love Got to Do With It” are LaBelle songs, she does have ties to the women who did sing them. LaBelle is Mariah Carey’s godmother, and longtime friends with Tina Turner.

LaBelle denied the rumors that she’s the Flower when she appeared on Radio Andy. “They said I was the Bee last year,” she recalled. “No honey, I ain’t got time to be under no mask and suffocating. It looks like it’s hard to breath and stuff.” Despite her comments, host Andy Cohen did point out that if she were the Flower, she would be unable to admit that she was on the air. LaBelle doubled-down on her denial, saying, “I’m 75 and I never lie.”

Tune into tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer to learn more about the Flower and determine her true identity when she’s eventually unmasked!

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