‘Limetown’ Date & Time: When Do Episodes 9 & 10 Release?


An intriguing new series called Limetown has been playing on Facebook Watch every week. The show has a compelling mystery that will keep you guessing. It also has a great way of creating cliffhangers that leave you wanting to watch the new episodes immediately. But once you’ve finished Episodes 7 and 8, how long will you have to wait until you can watch Episodes 9 and 10?

Episodes 9 and 10 Will Release on November 13

It won’t be that long until Episodes 9 and 10 release, but it might be longer than you want. The next two episodes will air on Wednesday, November 13.

The new episodes will release on Facebook Watch on Wednesday, November 13 at 3 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Central/12 p.m. Pacific. Both episodes will be released simultaneously.

There’s just one downside. These are the last episodes in Season 1. After that, we’ll have to hope that the show is renewed for Season 2. It likely will be. The podcast it’s based on already finished Season 2 in December 2018, so there is plenty of source material for the TV series to continue.

If you want to watch these last two episodes on a bigger TV screen, you can.

If you have a smart TV, download the Facebook Watch app on your device and search for Limetown. Or you can stream the show from your phone to a TV on the same Wifi network by tapping the Wifi icon when watching the episode in full screen.

Reviews for the series so far are about average, but I personally believe the series deserves a much higher rating than that. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 69 percent rating among critics, but no user ratings. That’s not super great, but critics are notoriously tough on shows.

On IMDb, user reviews rate the series 6.4 out of 10 with 390 reviews so far. Most of the reviewers give it 10 stars (21.3 percent), then 17.4 percent give it 8 stars, and 16.7 percent give it seven. The 9.5 percent who gave it one star is what’s really throwing the number off.

Some people who gave it low reviews stopped watching around Episode 2 and one person was annoyed that it wasn’t actually filmed in Tennessee. The show does start out slow, but it builds the mystery with each episode and things get pretty intense once you get a few episodes in. A few times I found myself yelling at the screen in surprise over what was happening.

One IMDb reviewer who gave it 10 stars wrote: “Ignore the negative reviews. See it for yourself and then judge. Its lot better than majority of recent shows which have been complete disappointment. The opening scene alone sent chills through my spine. I am definitely looking forward to more episodes. Limetown is very un settling and disturbing show with great atmosphere. Definitely targeted towards the older audience who want a little more substance and mystery in their TV shows. Watch it!!” [sic]

Another person who gave it 10 stars wrote: “The show is slow paced, yes, but its in its natural rhytm. So far, nothing off. Just weird. Not a generic show, definetly. It gives a creepy Wayward Pines”vibe. I’ll keep watching it. Dare to think the inimaginable and try watching this eerie, weird new show. Its interesting.” [sic]

In fact, a lot of people who liked Wayward Pines have compared it to Limetown. So don’t let the negative reviews dissuade you if you’re reading this and haven’t watched the show. Give it a try yourself, because it’s really good.


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