Juice WRLD & John Lennon Conspiracy: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Image, Evening Standard/Getty Images Juice Wrld attends Power105.1's Powerhouse 2018 (L), John Lennon at London Airport in 1971 (R)

Rapper Juice WRLD tragically passed away early Sunday morning after suffering a seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport. He was 21.

His official cause of death was “cardiac arrest” but may have something to do with a handful of Percocet that the rapper allegedly ingested as police were about to search his private jet, according to TMZ. An autopsy has been conducted but the results of the toxicology report have not come back yet.

Per a statement emailed to Heavy.com from Chicago Police Officer Michelle Tannehill:

On December 8 , 2019 at approx.1:34 a.m. in the 6100 block of South Laramie, Chicago Police were called to assist Federal Authorities in regards to a private jet arriving at the airport which contained a large amount of narcotics. Upon CPD arriving, the occupants of the target plane were standing in the lobby with luggage loaded on two luggage carts. Illinois State Police K9 Unit began a search which immediately indicated a positive narcotics alert on a suitcase on the first cart. The K9 Officer then conducted a search on the second cart of luggage with another positive alert of narcotics. Officers then searched the luggage, which contained 41 bags of suspect marijuana and six prescription bottles of suspect liquid cocaine, along with three firearms. None of the subjects claimed ownership of the luggage.

During the investigation, a 21-year-old male suffered a medical emergency, causing him to have a seizure. The report indicates that a Homeland Security Officer administrated Narcan to the victim. The victim was later pronounced.

Upon further investigation, Offender #1 Henry Dean, 27, indicated that he was on the plane but was private security. He was able to provide a valid FOID card and CCL but was in possession of high capacity round magazine. Offender #1 was subsequently charged with one charge of Possession of High Capacity Magazine and Metal Piercing Bullets, and two misdemeanor counts of Carry or Conceal a Firearm in the Airport.

Offender #2, Christopher Long, 36 was charged with one misdemeanor count of Unlawful Use of Weapon/Carry or Possess.

Juice regained consciousness and was awake and lucid as he was rushed to a local hospital, Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford told Heavy.com that Juice WRLD went into cardiac arrest at a private hangar around 2 a.m. at Chicago’s Midway airport. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital at 3:14 a.m.

As fans went searching for answers on the cause of death, trying to find any hope that the announcement may be a hoax and the rapper may still be alive, they realized that there were some pretty creepy parallels between the death of legendary Beatle John Lennon and Juice.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They Died on the Same Day

John Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 2019. Juice WRLD suffered a seizure and later died on the way to the hospital on December 8, 2019.

2. They Both Predicted What Age They Were Going to Die

Both John Lennon and Juice WRLD made eerily accurate references to their own deaths while they were alive.

John Lennon not only predicted when he was going to die but how. He told a reporter in 1965, “We’ll either go in a plane crash or we’ll be popped off by some loony.” Lennon also said at one point, “I don’t intend to be a performing flea anymore. I was the dreamweaver, but although I’ll be around I don’t intend to be running at 20,000 miles an hour trying to prove myself. I don’t want to die at 40.” He was killed by fanatic Mark David Chapman 15 years later, two months after turning 40.

Juice WRLD foreshadowed his death in the song “Legends” which is about the deaths of Lil Peep and XXXTentacion. “All the legends seem to die out.” He sings, “We keep on losing our legends to the cruel cold world, what is it coming to?” He alludes to his death with the ominous line, “What’s the 27 Clu-u-u-ub?/We ain’t making it past 21”. He died six days after turning 21 after talking extensively about his problems with drug abuse in his music.

3. There Are Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Both of Their Deaths

Juice WRLD Fake Death

TwitterAn old tweet by Juice WRLD claims he was planning on faking his own death.

Conspiracy theories emerged after both Juice WRLD and John Lennon’s deaths. In Juice’s case, fans claim that he may still be alive because of a 2017 tweet where the rapper announced “”My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple years.. then fake my death.” Fans are claiming that the rapper may still be alive.

Fans also investigated Juice’s Falcon 900 private jet and found that flight trackers show it was nowhere near Chicago on Sunday. The Falcon 900 eventually landed in the Bahamas leading many fans to believe the death was staged.

John Lennon also had a few conspiracies emerge after his death, though people didn’t believe he was still alive. There was a conspiracy going around that Lennon was murdered due to his left-wing activism as part of a plot by the FBI and CIA to silence him. The theory was that Mark David Chapman was a sort of “Manchurian Candidate” that was trained at CIA’s Project MKULTRA.

Both conspiracy theories have been roundly refuted.

4. Juice WRLD Name-Dropped John Lennon in a 2018 Song

Juice WRLD’s 2018 hit “All Girls Are The Same” references John Lennon. “I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon/I just want real love, guess it’s been a minute.” The lyric refers to Lennon’s song “Jealous Guy” from his album “Imagine”.

5. Fans Unknowingly Predicted Juice WRLD’s Seizure in TikTok Videos

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A popular meme on the social media platform TikTok showed users dancing to Juice’s hit single “Lucid Dreams” and faking seizures.

According to TMZ, “witnesses tell us he suffered the seizure while walking through the airport. Law enforcement sources say he was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics got on scene.” When paramedics arrived they found Juice unconscious and bleeding from the mouth.

Anthony Guglielmi, Chicago police spokesman, told Heavy in a statement, “This is being classif(ied) currently as a death investigation. There are no initial signs of foul play and we are awaiting results from the medical examiner on the cause and manner of death.”

The videos were part of the “Lucid Dreams Challenge” where users spit out water or other liquid and pretend to have seizures as part of the song comes on. The videos were made long before Juice suffered a seizure at the Chicago Midway airport but are highly disturbing and prophetic in retrospect.

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