Rain Brown Almost Killed By Brother Gabe In Accident

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Rain Brown experienced a life-threatening scare on the season eleven premiere of Alaskan Bush People. A promo for the premiere shows Rain and her brother Gabe on a cherry picker that malfunctions. Read on to learn more about Rain and the cherry picker accident.

The promo sees Gabe talk Rain into getting on the cherry picker with him. The latter makes it clear from the start that she is nervous, and fully aware of the consequences of going up in the machine. “If any of us make one mistake we could actually die,” she says. The promo then cuts to a shot of the cherry picker slipping and Rain gripping onto the sides. Gabe looks genuinely scared, and he too braces himself.

Rain & Her Brother Are Almost Killed Atop a Faulty Cherry Picker During the Season 11 Premiere

Rain, 17, has been a constant presence throughout the Alaskan Bush People run. She recently posted a response to accusations that her family fakes accidents and events for the sake of the ratings. Moments, presumably, like the cherry picker accident. “There’s like a thing I wanted to talk about super quick,” she said. “So, like, I get a lot of things and a lot of comments and messages and things like saying, ‘I’ve read this; I’ve heard this from this person this must be this.'”

“People love to impersonate us, and people love to say the thing that I’ve worked my tail off for almost eight years for is fake, and honestly, it’s really annoying,” she explained. “Because when you’re out there and if you’re living that life, and you used to live that life and people are like, ‘That was fake, that is fake, you never did that,’ it’s like, but I did!”

“So it’s not fake, it’s just filmed and broadcasted on TV,” Rain continued. “So it can’t be life, you know, it’s not the news; it’s not a live show. It’s a TV show. So whatever you think of that, that’s how it it.”

Rain Has Stated That Everything That Happens on the Series Is Real

Rain has also been frank about her battles with depression. She often puts uploads Instagram posts where she details her daily struggles and tells others who are experiencing similar things to persevere. “To anyone that feels like giving up: some days you feel defeat. You try so hard, you get strong and motivated and after all of your efforts you’re once again let down,” she wrote on June 26. “Pain is something not many will talk about. Pain of the past, pain of the present, and fear of pain in the future. Let me tell you now you are being too hard on yourself.”

“Your efforts didn’t fail. Your motivational tactics still work. You’re still strong. But sometimes things fail,” she added. “Not because of us, but just because that’s the way it’s meant to be. It’s often quite ugly to examine, but quite useful nonetheless. We all have pain but suffering is something we control. So when you think about giving up, think to yourself, “what would happen if I didn’t?” The answer is, you will never know if you do. You can give up anytime. What’s the rush? Let’s see what tomorrow brings together. Thank you for reading.”

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