‘Temptation Island’: Ashley H. Opens up About Ben & Casey

Ashley H.

Instagram Ashley H of 'Temptation Island'.

In a recent interview with Heavy, Temptation Island’s Ashley H. opened up about her relationships with Ben and Casey.

While the show hasn’t ended and it’s unclear whether Ashley and Ben are together and if she and Casey have officially broken up, the reality TV star says that if she had the opportunity to do it all over again, she would still go on the show.

She Says She Felt Betrayed By Casey

Temptation Island | Casey Wouldn’t Mind Breaking Up With Ashley | S2 Ep5 | on USA NetworkCasey Starchak explains to Medinah Ali that he doesn’t feel bad putting everyone in the house in the friend zone, and that he wouldn’t mind going back to his old bachelor lifestyle. Finish watching the full episode at usanet.tv/TI205. Watch Temptation Island Thursdays at 10/9c on US Network. » Subscribe to USA Network: bit.ly/1Rvs3kA #TemptationIsland…2019-11-14T22:59:50.000Z

Ashley started out on Temptation Island very much in love with her boyfriend Casey Starchak. The two first met on a dating app a year and a half ago and recently moved in together. Within a couple days on Temptation Island, however, Casey betrayed Ashley’s trust by telling another ‘single’ in the house that he would be “fine” if they broke up. His words cut Ashley deep, and incentivized her to give Ben a real shot.

Speaking to MEAWW recently, Ashley admitted it wasn’t her idea to go on Temptation Island. She told the outlet, “Casey was the one that brought me to Temptation Island. I did not wanna go.”

Since hearing Casey’s offensive words, Ashley has developed a romance with Ben Knobloch. Initially, both Ben and Deac were competing for her heart, but Ashley picked Ben. Asked about her decision to send Deac home from Temptation Island, Ashley tells Heavy, “I wanted to focus more on my connection with Ben and see where that was heading. Deac wouldn’t open up to me like Ben was.”

Ashley says that after Casey said he’d be fine without her, she felt betrayed, and considered their relationship over. “I don’t regret kissing Ben,” she adds.

She Thought Casey Was Fake Crying in His Video Message

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During his video message for Ashley, Casey broke down in tears. Asked how that made Ashley feel, she tells Heavy, “When I watch the video message I thought he was fake crying, to be honest. I just didn’t feel like it was genuine.”

Ashley says that Ben made her feel he was always listening to what she had to say more than anyone else. And what does Ben think about all of this?

Straight off the bat, he admitted that he thought Ashely was “absolutely gorgeous.” He tells PopCulture.com of the first time he kissed Ashley, “I figured if I was gonna make a move I better do it now…” He added on, “Obviously [Ashley going back to Casey] is always a shadow in the back of my mind… She’s had so much growth — she’d taken three steps forward and going back to Casey would be four steps back.”

As for whether or not Ben and Ashely are still dating, only time will tell. A quick trip to their Instagram pages makes it abundantly clear they’re still in contact. On November 6, Ashley liked a photo of Ben holding a fake baby. She did the same in October. The two have also commented on one another’s posts. On October 18, Ashley wrote on Ben’s picture, “Who wears short shorts” with a devil emoji, and Ben responded, “show em if you got em.”

Recently, Casy lashed out at the show, calling it a “joke”, in a series of angry tweets. Evan Smith, who participated in the last season of the show, called Casey out for not attending the reunion.

It seems highly unlikely Casey and Ashley are still together, but tune in to Temptation Island on Thursdays at 10 pm ET/PT to find out how things will pan out.

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