‘The Voice’ 2019 Voting: How to Vote for the Top 8 Contestants

The Voice Season 17 Top 10


The Voice season 17 continues Monday night on NBC. The Top 8 contestants will perform in an effort to advance to the Top 4, and the three contestants with the most support will advance to the finale. The two with the least amount of votes will be instantly eliminated, and the remaining three will sing for the final instant save of the season.

To vote for one of the remaining contestants on the show, read on for the details on each of the voting methods. the-voice-2019-vote-voting-season-17

‘The Voice’ 2019 Voting Methods

Regardless of the voting method used, during each Overnight Voting Window, a limit of 10 votes per voter is allowed.

“The Voice” App: If you want to vote for the season 17 Voice contestants by using the official Voice app, you can find the app and download it via (App Store or Google Play) and at NBC.com/VoiceVote. Then, open up the app and hit the VOTE button to sign up for a free NBC profile. You will need to provide either your email address, Facebook login or Google account info, according to NBC.

An NBC Profile is required for all users to be able to vote. When the Overnight Voting Window is open, click on the artist(s) of your choice to assign votes to the artist or artists you want to vote for. Submit your vote assignments by clicking on the “Submit Votes” button. Then, you may assign, save and change your votes at any time before the end of the applicable Overnight Voting Window. Once the Overnight Voting Window closes, your vote assignments will be submitted and counted.

“The Voice” Online Voting: When voting for contestants online, you can visit nbc.com/VoiceVote and sign up for your free NBC Profile in order to cast your votes. The same rules apply here, as they do for the voting app when it comes to usage and voting numbers.

“The Voice” Xfinity X1:
Fans can vote by using the Xfinity X1 set-top box or xfinity.com/VoiceVote. The info about how to vote via Xfinity X1 reads as follows: “To vote via the Xfinity X1 set-top box, you must have an Xfinity X1 set-top box, Xfinity X1 remote and an active Xfinity subscription that includes NBC (fees may apply).” Users can access the X1 voting screen during the Overnight Voting Window if you are watching a performance episode of the show live. You can use your X1 remote and press the info button when prompted on the screen. A graphic should be visible in the top right corner of the screen to show you that voting is open. You are then directed to push the “Xfinity X1 Vote Graphic”. If you don’t see the Xfinity X1 Vote Graphic, you can use your X1 remote to search for The Voice and pull up the Show page. On the Show page, you will see a bar on the bottom of the screen with various options. Select the “Vote” option.

You can also use the voice command to vote, saying “Vote for The Voice,” via your X1 remote during the voting window. This should activate the voting screen and then you can select an artist and confirm your vote.” To vote at Xfinity.com/VoiceVote, visit xfinity.com/VoiceVote and enter your Facebook login information.

Apple Music Voting: If you want to vote for your favorite artists on The Voice by using Apple Music, fans can vote by streaming the Eligible Song(s) available on Apple Music. But, you must have a valid Apple Music subscription to do this. The limit is 10 streams per Apple ID per Eligible Song. Whichever artist gets the most streams will receive the “Apple Music Bonus,” which multiplies the artist’s Apple Music streams times five, for the applicable Eligible Song(s). This is a major advantage for the winning artist of the most streamed Eligible Song(s).

The Latest on “The Voice” 2019

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Monday’s episode has an ’80s theme, so fans can expect to see your favorite contestants donning flashy outfits and covering their favorite hits of the decade. The remaining Top 8 contestants include:

  • Jake Hoot (Team Kelly)
  • Katie Kadan (Team Legend)
  • Ricky Duran (Team Blake)
  • Rose Short (Team Gwen)
  • Hello Sunday (Team Kelly)
  • Kat Hammock (Team Blake)
  • Will Breman (Team Legend)
  • Marybeth Byrd (Team Legend)

Byrd talked to Hollywood Life about the Top 8, and how each contestant has upped their game in an effort to stay in the running. “I’ve been completely going with the flow during this whole season, because I trust in God’s plan for me,” she explained. “Being in the bottom three last week has lit a fire in me to do even better this upcoming week. Through hard work and practice, I’m going to give it 100% on Monday.”

Byrd also talked about Team Legend, and how she feels the diversity of the other Team Legend contestants (Will Breman, Katie Kadan) has given them an edge. “I think that America likes the diversity [on John’s team],” she reasoned. “Katie, Will and I are so different in the best way possible — our sounds, style and originality.”

Last week saw the bottom 3 contestants; Byrd, Shane Q and Joana Martinez compete for the Instant Save vote. Shane performed “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack, and while he had proven his worth in previous Instant Save competitions, he failed to deliver a stellar performance. Martinez followed him with a cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye, and she too struggled to find her footing. Her vocals were off and she didn’t regain her confidence until the second verse, but it was too late by then.

Byrd went last, and her version of “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott proved to be the highlight of the Instant Save performances. Her presence was strong, and the song’s aching qualities perfectly adhered to her talents. Byrd was voted into the Top 8, while Shane Q and Martinez were sent home.

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