Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’: Clues & Guesses So Far 12/10/2019

Tree The Masked Singer


While there’s been concrete guesses for several of The Masked Singer contestants, the Tree has continued to baffle fans. There’s been tons of different theories as to who the clues suggest, and who the celebrity under the mask could be. Fans will get to watch the Tree’s latest performance during a two-part holiday special on December 10 and 11.

Because Tree has been so popular with fans, we may have to wait a bit longer to discover her true identity. In the meantime, we’ve sifted through all the clues and made some educated guesses as to who it could be. Who is the Tree, and what makes us so convinced?

Here’s what we know about the Tree’s identity on The Masked Singer so far:

Clues for the Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’

The Tree has holiday decorations on its costume, which ties into her first clue. She says that people only know her for one thing at one time of the year, and that she’s often treated like “precious cargo.” Tree also said that she wanted to be like the “old-school entertainers that could do it all,” which has led to speculate that she is someone who has been performing for multiple decades.

Cooking is a big part of Tree’s persona. She said she wants to “dish out” her talent and is “more than an expert in delicious treats,” and one of her clue videos has shots of baking utensils, suggesting she could be associated with cooking in some way. Tree said its “such a shame that [she] spend so much time in exile,” a possible reference to her stepping away from the limelight for a time.

Other clues include the number “30,” which appears on a storage unit during one of the clue videos, and the term “jazz up,” another allusion to the fact that our mystery celebrity may be someone with a musical background. A quick shot of Tree playing the piano supports this theory.

During last week’s episode, Tree alluded to the fact that she has ties to witchcraft (fictional or otherwise). She referenced a “smelly cat,” and her clue video included a witch hat and various cans of soup.

Guesses for the Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’

There have been several guesses as to who the Tree could be. Fans have thrown out Beverly D’Angelo as a possible candidate, given her “old-school” popularity in the 1980s and the fact that she’s best known for starring in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Rachel Ray is another notable candidate, given that she is a chef aligns with the cooking clues provided by the Tree. Ray is also famous for her “30 minute meals,” which could explain why the number “30” was treated with significance during the clue video.

The most popular theory is that the Tree is Ana Gasteyer. The former Saturday Night Live member has proven her musical chops through a series of albums, including a “jazz” album and a holiday album. She could also quality as an entertainer who “does it all,” given that she’s a comedian, a singer and an actress.