Is Boogie Dating Angela Simmons on ‘GUHH’?

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A potential romance is brewing on Growing Up Hip Hop. Boogie Dash shocked audiences when he asked Angela Simmons on a date during episode 5, and despite being surprised herself, the reality star accepted. Are they in a relationship? Did Boogie and Angela’s date blossom into something more?

Boogie and Angela are not in a relationship. They went on a date together, but Angela has made a point of saying that she doesn’t want it to turn into anything more. She also said that she looks at Boogie as a brother rather than a prospective lover. “I totally look at Boogie like a little brother,” she said during a confessional.

Boogie & Angela Simmons Are Not In an Official Relationship

Angela stated that Boogie is a “good guy,” but even if she were interested in pursuing a relationship, the age gap would pose an issue for her. “He’s younger than me,” she revealed. “A lot younger than me.” Boogie is 28 years old and Angela is 32, according to

The most recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop is titled “Yo Boogie Gets the Next Date,” and the synopsis reads, “With Romeo on ice, things fire up between Angela and Boogie.” Angela posted a teaser for the episode on Instagram, which follows her and Boogie on their date and them stop at a photo booth.

Fans in the comment section said that Angela and Boogie don’t seem like a good fit, and some even theorized that Boogie is a rebound after her falling out with on/off fling Romeo Miller. “No y’all like sister and brother not gonna work,” one user wrote. You can check out additional comments by clicking here

Angela Said That She Looks at Boogie As a ‘Little Brother’

Angela discussed her feud with Romeo during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. “This season things just kind of went left,” she claimed. “After everything happen with me and my child’s father and what happened with my son, he was like, ‘I’m going to be there for you,’ and he said this on TV.”

“If you say that—and I don’t care if we’re filming or not—really mean that because that really means a lot to me especially with what I have on my plate,” Simmons added. “And to me he didn’t step up at all. I don’t expect nobody to do nothing for me; that’s fine, but he didn’t step up.”

Boogie has also had a complicated romantic past. In 2013, the New York post reported that Boogie was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and strangulation for allegedly choking his then-girlfriend. “They had an apparent dispute over sex,” a police offer revealed. “She was visiting him at his apartment, he got violent with her, starts to punch her, slap her and shove her onto the bed, got on top of her, he grabs her by the throat and chokes her.”

Boogie pleased guilty to the charges, and completed a 12-week anger management course as a result.

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