Chris Harrison: Hannah Brown & Peter Weber Drama Is ‘Riveting’ TV

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When The Bachelor left off during its season 24 premiere, Peter Weber and the Bachelorette who broke his heart, Hannah Brown, were locked in a serious discussion about their unresolved feelings. Heavy spoke with host Chris Harrison about this dramatic development, which he calls “riveting” for the whole production crew. Here’s what viewers can look forward to Monday, January 13 when the Hannah-Peter drama plays out.

Chris Harrison Says Peter Was Ready to Move On… Until He Saw Hannah

“You will see more of Hannah on Monday. I will spoil that the episode picks right up where we left off, which is in that dressing room,” Harrison tells us. “That relationship with Peter, and again … he sincerely believed he was done [with Hannah]. He was ready to move on, but best-laid plans — until he saw and stared at Hannah and all those best-laid plans go by the wayside.”

Harrison goes on to say that the entire production was sitting in silence, just watching that scene play out. He teases that it’s going to be “spectacular” television.

“It’s riveting. When I was watching it, when we were there, we didn’t know it was going to happen. I always take the cues from the control room and I’m sitting in the control room and looking around … and we are riveted and we are speechless,” says Harrison.

He adds that when he sees production crew members with “tears in our eyes,” that’s when he knows “the formula still works, this concept still works” and he knows “they’re onto something.”

“I looked around the room during that conversation [with Peter and Hannah] and you could have heard a pin drop,” says Harrison. “Nobody was saying anything, no one was talking about what we need to do next, it was all just, ‘let this go, stay away’ because you can’t write those moments. You can’t script it. It was not intended, we didn’t mean for that to go that way and then it did and it was spectacular.”

Harrison Admits Hannah is a Beautiful Trainwreck

Peter Weber Wants to Know If Hannah Brown Would Join His Season – The BachelorHannah Brown hosts a group date for new Bachelor Peter Weber, but it turns out that the two have many unresolved feelings between them. They discuss Peter being crushed after Hannah asked out Tyler on 'The Bachelorette' finale, and where they go from here. And Peter wants to know what she would say if he…2020-01-07T07:00:02.000Z

Harrison also admitted that he was worried when she became The Bachelorette because “Hannah is a trainwreck” — something she freely admits about herself and something he says is also what he loves about her.

“[Hannah] is a trainwreck in all the beautiful ways that human beings should be,” says Harrison. “She’s strong and powerful and at the same time, she’s so insecure and vulnerable and scared. She embraces that and will tell you guys about that and it takes a certain person who will get on TV and show that.”

He adds that that is what is “beautiful” about Hannah and also about Peter.

“You get a person like Peter, you get a person like Hannah that will expose that part of her life — that’s why we love her so much and we can’t get enough of her is because you know whatever it is we’re going to see from her, it’s honest-to-God Hannah. It’s the good, the bad, the ugly, the beast, whatever. You’re going to get it, warts and all.”

But is the last we’re going to see of Hannah this season? Harrison isn’t telling.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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