Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo Reunite for Super Bowl Ad: Are They Friends?

Teresa Guidici and Caroline Manzo

Getty Teresa Guidici and Caroline Manzo

Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo have reunited for a Super Bowl Ad after not being friends for years.

Giudice and Manzo had quite the falling out on Real Housewives of New Jersey and haven’t filmed together since Season 5 of RHONJ in 2013. The two “frenemies” were initially friends when RHONJ’s inaugural season in 2009, but have been on the outs and presumably keeping their distance from one another until they recently reunited to film a commercial for Sabra hummus, during which insiders revealed that the dynamic between the two women was eerily friendly.

The rift occurred when Giudice accused Manzo of being the “rat” who tipped off the FBI and ICE to her husband Joe Giudice’s dealings that ultimately saw him deported to his home country of Italy in 2019 after several years in federal custody. In October 2019, Manzo referred to Giudice as “delusional” for making the allegation.

The Sabra commercial plays on the bad blood between the two reality stars with the tagline, “Dip’s about to get real.” But it seems like things got real in a friendlier way on the commercial’s shoot, during which Giudice and Manzo were reported to have had a “good time” filming together.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened during their reunion:

Caroline Manzo’s Son Spills The Tea On The Commercial Shoot

The Real Housewives of New Jersey began filming in 2009

The Real Housewives of New Jersey began filming in 2009

Caroline Manzo’s son, Albie Manzo, took on the commercial drama on his podcast Dear Albie. During the episode on which he covered the saga, he described his time with his mother and Giudice on the set for the commercial shoot. He didn’t wait long to let viewers known the gist of the vibe on the set, “To be honest with you, it was exactly what I thought it was gonna be. Teresa walks in. I wasted zero time, personally. I went right up, said hi, gave her a hug. Like, ‘What’s going on?!’ Blah, blah, blah. She and Mom (Caroline Manzo) were getting mic’d up basically next to each other. That’s where they saw each other for the first time. They said hi, and it was totally fine.”

The Shoot ‘Felt Like Old Times’

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During the podcast, Albie Manzo went on to describe the friendly dynamic between his mom and Giudice while filming the commercial, “I will tell you the God’s honest truth, my read on the entire situation while they were filming the commercial and everything else is that they were having fun. That’s honestly what my read on it was. Like, I actually got almost — I almost felt bad, because I think it was the type of thing where Mom was 100 percent herself and I think I watched Teresa have kind of, like, the hair up on her neck when she walked in, looking for something to go on, and then was like, ‘Wait a minute.’ Because when they were together, these bullsh*t aspects of things are just not present, you know what I mean? So when they’re actually having that interaction, you see, I think… I think you saw Teresa get a taste of actually what used to be a little bit, and I think honestly it was almost a little sad. They were in a room together, and I think they were having a good time. They were having fun.”

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