Who Is Sloane’s Secret Admirer on ‘NCIS’?


YouTube Sloane and Gibbs.

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, Jacqueline Sloane has a secret admirer. Who is it?

Some viewers have theories that Detective Gibbs may be the secret admirer. The two have been leading viewers to think they eventually will get together, and the latest preview shows Sloane receiving a Valentine’s Day gift of a box of chocolate and roses.

Were they from Gibbs? That’s what everyone expects. But there are some theories that don’t think so.

Here’s what we know about who Sloane’s secret admirer might be:

Detective Gibbs Is Probably Not Jacqueline Sloane’s Secret Admirer

The Cartermatt YouTube Channel goes 12 minutes in depth on who might be behind the Valentine’s Day chocolate and roses. Basically, he says it’s not Gibbs. Why? Because chocolates and roses are not his style. Gibbs would not give Sloane an impersonal gift like this. His present to her would be much more involved.

In NCIS season 17 episode 3, Sloane is battling her unresolved feelings as she tries to resolve the issues of others. While Slone appeared to want to express her feelings for Gibbs, she wouldn’t. For his part in the situation, Gibbs remained an emotional “rock.” It’s hard to say how you feel to a rock.

At the end of episode 3, Gibbs purchases an elephant painting, which he gives to Sloane. Using this gift as a point of reference, it seems unlikely that a man who started with a gift of a painting of an elephant would backslide into some roses and chocolates. It seems too basic for Gibbs.

Why Is Gibbs Not Sloane’s Secret Admirer?

“Gibbs would give something personal or something that he made,” says the CarterMatt YouTube Channel. The cast on the show is talking about how something is going on with Gibbs. In the preview, Sloane offers Gibbs a chocolate and he kissed her in front of everyone. While he kisses everyone, this one was a bit of a different style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzSk98a7DVc

Episode 15 is the NCIS Valentine’s Day show, and the producers are trying to set something up with the romantic lives of Gibbs and Sloane. There is something happening between them, but this isn’t it. Then again, NCIS has tried to build peoples’ expectations before, while ultimately nothing came of it.

As everyone talks about who Gibbs is Sloane’s secret admirer, Gibbs walks in and says, “gear up! We’ve got a murder!” He takes a chocolate from Sloane and kisses her in front of everyone. Everyone watching raises their eyebrows while Sloane looks slightly depressed and wistful.

It’s not clear who might be behind Sloane’s Valentine’s Day gift, but she might be the target of a serial killer. Phila is dating a woman whom Gibbs is interrogating for murder, and Phila tells him she’s innocent. Gibbs reminds Phil that he wasn’t aware that his own wife was cheating on him then tried to murder him. The fact that these two clips were shown together in the episode preview suggests that perhaps the two different situations are somehow linked, and Sloane is a target.

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