Adam Levine’s Quotes on His Reason for Leaving ‘The Voice’

Adam Levine

Getty Singers Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Adam Levine, a former judge on The Voice, was known for his banter with Blake Shelton. He left The Voice after season 16.

He revealed the reasons for his departure in a number of interviews, saying that he needed time to focus on his young family and put a stop to the non stop work schedule he had taken on over the previous eight years.

Here’s what Adam Levine says about his decision to exit The Voice:

Adam Levine Tells Ellen He Left to Be a Full Time Dad

On Ellen, Levine said, “I miss [The Voice]. I really do miss it. We all know how I feel about Blake. You know, that guy. But I wanted to stop at this point and be with my young family.” About his children, he says, “I’m obsessed with them. I adore them in a way I never thought I could adore another person.”

Shelton told ET that “It is weird not having him here but I want him to know that he can still kiss my a**, wherever he is.”

In a red carpet interview, John Legend said, “We’re very sad to see him go. He’s been a part [of The Voice] since it began, 16 seasons, he’s been so important to the show even existing. So, we’re all going to miss him.”

About Levine’s departure, Clarkson said, “It’s weird not having Adam, but it is interesting, the dynamics. We’re literally all four different genres.”

Gwen Stefani stepped in to take his place, reported ET.

Adam Levine Gives Howard Stern the Real Reason He Left

On Howard Stern, Levine said that the real answer was that he “was ready to not be doing it for a little bit. The moment I walked away it felt really good. I was beyond fortunate to go through all of it but it got to the point where I got married and had two kids. She’s a great mom, and you’re lucky if you get to fall in love twice.”

He said that his experience on The Voice was a “life altering” experience for him and his band, Maroon 5. It provided great exposure for his band and promotion for his tours, but eight years of touring and work on The Voice ultimately became too much for the new father of two young children.

The Blake Shelton Adam Levine Bromance Is a Myth

There has been much speculation about the contentious relationship between Levine and co star Blake Shelton on The Voice. The country star is known for his competitive and hostile personality and many think that his demeanor eventually wore on Levine.

In an episode in which Levine was sporting a fresh new mohawk hairdo, Shelton ridiculed him for his hairstyle to which Levine responded, “I hate him. Sorry, I just hate him.”

Although Levine gave Shelton a shout-out on Ellen after a photo of the former co-workers was shown to the audience, an anonymous Emmy voter recently told THR about a rumor that the two “really dislike each other, but play nice on TV.”

The Hollywood Reporter revealed via an anonymous Emmy voter, “I’ve heard from a friend who works on it … that two of the hosts really dislike each other, but play nice on TV,” the voter said. When prompted for more information, the voter added: “Blake Shelton and Adam Levine hate each other.… [Levine] didn’t walk away — I heard it was a ‘me or him.'”

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