Beta’s Half Moon Song on ‘The Walking Dead’: Full Video & Lyrics


During Season 10 Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, we learn a lot more about Beta and even hear a song that he plays to a horde of walkers. What song was he playing? It’s actually a pretty fascinating Easter egg. Read on for more details.

This article will have major spoilers for Season 10 Episode 14 of The Walking Dead

In this episode we finally get confirmation that yes, Beta really was a famous singer in the pre-apocalyptic world. During the episode, Beta plays one of his songs and draws in a horde of zombies before he finally decides that he wants to live after all, carrying on after Alpha.

The song he plays is from an in-universe album called Half Moon Live. But the song actually appears to be a slightly altered version of a song written by Emily Kinney, who played Beth on The Walking Dead.

The song includes lyrics like: “I’m a miser when I’m rich but a gambler if I’m broke. And if we’re gonna be laughing I want to be in on the joke… Making me draw blood will never make me want to stay.”

These lyrics are part of Kinney’s song. It appears that for this episode of The Walking Dead, Ryan Hurst (who plays Beta) is singing a slightly altered version of a song written by Emily Kinney (who played Beth.) It’s a bit meta and a lot of fun.

In fact, we already heard this song once before in Season 10 Episode 5 when Yumiko was listening to the same song, also performed by Ryan Hurst. Kinney’s song is called “The Turtle and the Monkey.”

Here’s the full song as performed by Emily Kinney.

Here’s when we heard it in Episode 5.

Now here’s Kinney’s song with full lyrics, presented in the video below.

The song’s really new. In fact, Kinney just released the song on October 31.

Kinney talked about the song playing tonight on Twitter too.

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Beta’s Identity Was Revealed on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

At one point on The Walking Dead, Alpha sees Beta’s face for the first time. She lifts his mask, looks, smiles, and puts his mask back down. There are a few clues about Beta’s identity in the room where Alpha first finds him during that episode. You can see in this one photo that Beta scratched off two faces.


One of those faces is wearing the smiley-faced shirt that Beta now wears. But Beta is likely the person in the hat standing next to that person rather than the guy wearing the smiley-shirt.


Fans who watch Fear the Walking Dead have pretty much uncovered Beta’s identity and what’s behind that mask. One discussion about it was started by u/ConnectedVG.


Ryan Hurst plays the role of Beta, and fans think the photo in the picture above looks a lot like Hurst. The photo is from Fear Season 5 Episode 14. Daniel was carrying vinyl records around and dropped one that was later stepped on by a herd of walkers. Fans think that one of the photos on the cover of Daniel’s record (the one in the hat) looks a lot like Ryan Hurst. He also just happens to be wearing the same hat that you can see one of the scratched out faces wearing in Beta’s photo.

So yes, Beta is a famous country singer. That’s why the one Whisperer recognized his voice. Scott Gimple confirmed this and it was also confirmed on Talking Dead, fans have said.