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Haley Busch

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MTV’s newest reality show The Busch Family: Brewed, which follows the Busch family as they set out to create a new beer, premieres tonight, March 5, 2020.

Haley Busch was born on February 3, 1993. She is the great-grandaughter of Adolphus A. Busch, who founded the Anheuser-Busch Company and Budweiser beer. She was born in Florida but raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

Haley is the second-oldest of seven children in the Busch family. Her siblings are Billy Jr., Abbey, Gussie, Grace, Maddie and Peter. Their ages range from 13 to 28.

Here’s what you should know about Haley:

1. Her Siblings Say She is the Most Responsible

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In the MTV introduction video for Haley, all of her siblings say that she is the most responsible of the bunch. She’s the oldest female of the children, so they said she’s always taking care of them. They also mention that she’s the clumsiest of the group.

“I guess it’s just because I’m the oldest girl,” she said. “I kind of just fall into that role.”

Billy Jr. says that Haley is always making food for everyone, and will often do things like put tuna salad in the fridge just in case anyone else is hungry.

“Haley has a strong work ethic, she’s a lot like me,” Haley’s mom, Christi Busch, said in the video. “She’s a nurturer, she works hard, she does everything the right way, and I just know I can count on her.”

Gussie, who is 24, said in the video that if the group is out too late, Haley is the one to tell them it’s time to go home.

2. She is an Actress

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According to IMDb, Haley has been acting since she was young. Her first role on her filmography was in the 2007 Bratz movie, where she portrayed “Confession Girl.” Later, she went on to portray Laura Benson in Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice and Lilly in The Final Song.

The most recent film credit on IMDb is that of Young Sally in 2016’s The Importance of Doubting Tom. She was also in Marshall’s Miracle in 2014.

Her profile on Backstage describes her as a member of SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA. It also says she has worked alongside many A-List actors.

3. She Keeps a “Half-a*s” Vegan Diet

According to MTV’s video, Haley keeps a “half-a*s vegan diet.” Her brothers say that diet keeps them in check and helps keep them a little bit on the leaner side.

Her Instagram showcases her love for animals. Recent posts include pictures of her cuddled up to a monkey and a tiger. Earlier photos show off her and her family’s Budweiser Clydesdales.

In the February 15 upload, which featured the monkey and tiger, Haley wrote “The next Jane Goodall. Thank you @swmiami for such a wonderful afternoon with these cuties.”

4. She Says The Reality Show Will Feature “Big Love and Big Fights”

Haley and Billy Jr. appeared in a People TV interview about Busch Family Brewed where they answered questions about the upcoming reality show. When asked what the craziest thing they did when taping the show was, she replied that there were a lot of crazy moments during the taping for the show.

“I mean, you get to see our parties, we have some really fun parties, and it’s just us on the farm, having a good time. You see big love, big fights. Just all around good times.”

Billy Jr. added that it was a very therapeutic process and pretty much everything was put out there whether they like it or not.

5. Haley is Interested in the Creative Side of the Brewing Business

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Though her siblings may be more interested in the other parts of the business including the actual brewing of beer, Haley said she was more interested in the creative process behind it and the marketing that goes with it. She first mentioned that they all love the sampling side but then referenced her past as an actress.

“I grew up as an actress, so I’ve been acting a lot my whole life,” she said. “So in the business, I’m more on the creative side, which is nice because I can kind of utilize my creativity and acting on doing social media and branding, so that’s what I’m most interested in.”

When asked if they could describe the family in three words, they said the three words are “passionate, loving, and fiery.”

Tune in to the premiere of Busch Family Brewed on MTV at 9 p.m. on Thursday, March 5.

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