‘The Walking Dead’: How Did Andrea Die? [VIDEO]

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A certain opening scene for The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 13 might leave you needing a refresher on how Andrea died. Here’s a look.

This article will have minor spoilers for the opening of Season 10 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead

Andrea Was Bitten After the Governor Restrained Her

The scene at the beginning of Season 10 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead is NOT how Andrea died. Andrea died in the episode called “Welcome to the Tombs” in Season 3 Episode 16. Yes, that was a lot longer ago than you might have thought!

Andrea had been restrained in the Governor’s torture chair and when Milton refused to kill her, the Governor stabbed Milton and left him to die so that his reanimated walker corpse could do the job instead. Milton left pliers so Andrea could free herself, but she wasn’t fast enough and Milton bit her before she could completely free herself.

In a heartbreaking scene, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese, and Sasha found Andrea bitten. Michonne and Andrea had been very close and Michonne cried when they found her. Andrea wanted to commit suicide so she wouldn’t turn into a walker, and Michonne stayed with her after Rick gave her his revolver. They buried her body at the prison.

You can watch the scene in the video below.

Andrea dies – The Walking DeadAndrea from the Walking Dead dies2013-04-01T09:38:11.000Z

Andrea had been a longtime member of Rick’s crew, so her death was shocking and heartbreaking to fans.

According to The Walking Dead wiki, Andrea was the first main character on the show who was killed in a season finale.

As an interesting bit of trivia, Laurie Holden said Andrea wasn’t supposed to die in Season 3 according to the original plans for the show and was instead going to lead Woodbury, The Walking Dead wiki shared. She said the plans were changed three weeks before the episode was shot and everyone was shocked. She said Glen Mazzara made the decision for shock value. She said it could have been anybody, but he wanted to kill a big character. She also said that Andrea was supposed to end up with Rick. The wiki also noted that Mazzara’s original death scene had her bitten while she was still tied to the chair and screaming. Holden also said she had been contracted for eight seasons before she was killed off.

How Did Andrea Die in the Comics?

If you don’t want comics spoilers, then don’t read on. 

In the comics, Andrea’s character was very different in many ways. She dated Dale and then Rick, becoming an adoptive mother to Ben and Billy and Carl, according to The Walking Dead wiki. She didn’t have a relationship with the Governor and she made it all the way to Alexandria. It’s at Alexandria that Andrea and Rick’s relationship begins. She was also part of the war against the Saviors and Carl eventually calls her mom. She’s also part of the Whisperers storyline too. She’s bitten by a walker from the Whisperers’ horde while trying to help Eugene. Carl tells her goodbye and Rick does too. She dies and Rick is heartbroken.

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