‘The Walking Dead’: Is Beta Famous? Who Is He?


In Season 10 Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, someone thinks they recognize Beta. Find out who Beta’s hidden identity really is. We were given a lot of hints, including on Fear the Walking DeadThis post has spoilers about Beta’s identity and just one minor spoiler about Episode 12. Comic spoilers will be included at the end of this article, but you will be warned before those spoilers appear.

In Episode 12, one of the Whisperers thinks he recognizes Beta. He says something about thinking he remembered Beta’s voice from somewhere, but now he knows exactly who Beta is. Well, Beta wasn’t going to have any of that, so he killed the Whisperer.

But just who is Beta? Do we know?

Yes, we do.

His Identity Was Revealed on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

At one point near the end of Season 10 Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, Alpha sees Beta’s face for the first time. She lifts his mask, looks, smiles, and puts his mask back down. Fans guess that he was either severely disfigured or perhaps someone she recognized. But whether or not that is the case, it’s more likely that he’s hiding his face because he’s famous and he’s distancing himself from that past.

There are a few clues about Beta’s identity in the room where Alpha first finds him. You can see in this one photo that Beta scratched off two faces.


One of those faces is wearing the smiley-faced shirt that Beta now wears. But Beta is likely the person in the hat standing next to that person rather than the guy wearing the smiley-shirt.


There are a lot of words about death and the end of the world written on the walls of the room where he was hiding out.


In fact, some of those words become the mantra for the Whisperers’ philosophy later. Smiley faces are drawn on those walls too, just like we saw on the shirt.


Fans who watch Fear the Walking Dead have pretty much uncovered Beta’s identity and what’s behind that mask. One discussion about it was started by u/ConnectedVG.


Ryan Hurst plays the role of Beta, and fans think the photo in the picture above looks a lot like Hurst. The photo is from Fear Season 5 Episode 14. Daniel was carrying vinyl records around and dropped one that was later stepped on by a herd of walkers. Fans think that one of the photos on the cover of Daniel’s record (the one in the hat) looks a lot like Ryan Hurst. He also just happens to be wearing the same hat that you can see one of the scratched out faces wearing in Beta’s photo.

Yes, it appears that Beta is a famous singer, likely a country music singer. That’s why the one Whisperer recognized his voice.

Scott Gimple confirmed this and it was also confirmed on Talking Dead, fans have said.

Interestingly, Magna was listening to a record on Hilltop that actually had Ryan Hurst singing. So yes, she was listening to a song by Beta.

We don’t know more details than that, but it’s pretty intriguing.

COMIC SPOILERS: Here Is Beta’s Identity in the Comics

Spoilers for the graphic novels are below. 

The comics have a similar but different path for Beta’s identity. In the comics, Beta never takes off that mask because he’s famous, but he’s not a singer. Before the apocalypse in the comic series, Beta was a wealthy celebrity – a famous basketball player who later became an actor.