Christopher Latham, Trisha Yearwood’s First Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christopher Latham


Trisha Yearwood has been married three times. Her first marriage was to music producer Christopher Latham.

Chris Latham and Trisha Yearwood were married for four years. She then married Robert Reynolds, a bassist and vocalist for The Mavericks. Read more about him here. After their divorce, Yearwood married her third husband, Garth Brooks.

Yearwood and her current husband, Garth Brooks, will be performing live on CBS from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 1 for “Garth & Trisha Live.” The iconic duo will be performing from their home studio to entertain Americans who are staying home to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Trisha Yearwood & Chris Latham Married Young in 1987 Before Her Rise to Fame

Trisha Yearwood and Chris Latham were married in 1987, while Yearwood was in college and before her music career was launched, according to Country Weekly.

OK! magazine reported Yearwood met Garth Brooks, her current husband, in 1991, the same year that Yearwood and Latham split. However, it would be 14 years before Yearwood and Brooks were married. She married Robert Reynolds in 1994, and the couple was divorced in 1999. Reynolds was a vocalist and bassist for The Mavericks.

When speaking of her marriage versus her career, she told In Touch she would choose music if she was forced to pick.

“Luckily, I don’t have to make a choice. But if I did, I’d pick music every time. I just can’t imagine not singing,” she said.

2. Chris Latham Married Trisha Yearwood When She Was in College Studying Business Administration

Trisha Yearwood was far from a household name in country music when she married her first husband, Chris Latham. Latham was a music producer. Yearwood was still in college and in her early 20s when she and Latham tied the knot in 1987, according to Country Weekly.

Yearwood graduated from Belmont University with a degree in business administration the year of her marriage. Two years earlier, she loaded her pickup truck and enrolled at the university in Nashville, Tennessee. Also in 1985, she took a job as a record label secretary and became a demo singer, Country Weekly reported.

She landed an internship with MTM records around the same time, and impressed the record label enough that she was hired as a full-time employee. She began recording demo tapes and recording backup vocals for established musicians. Her marriage dissolved as her career took off. In 1991, “She’s In Love With a Boy” rose to No. 1 on Billboard charts.

“It’s the first time a female artist’s debut single accomplished that feat since Connie Smith’s ‘Once A Day’ in 1964,” Country Weekly reported.

She was named the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female Vocalist in 1991, and she and Latham divorced in 1992.

3. Trisha Yearwood Rarely Speaks Publicly About Her First Marriage & Has Not Spoken About Her Reasons for Divorce From Chris Latham After 4 Years of Marriage

Trisha Yearwood has been largely silent about her first marriage to Chris Latham, according to Celebrity Mirror. Neither she nor Latham have spoken publicly about their four-year marriage or about the reasons for their divorce in 1991.

The couple married young. Yearwood was in her early 20s when she married Latham in 1987. It only took four years for their marriage to fall apart. They filed for divorce in 1991, and their divorce was finalized in 1992.

She told OK! Magazine her marriage to Garth Brooks has lasted because of their friendship. They were married in 2005.

“We’re best friends. And we really enjoy each other’s company,” she said.

4. Trisha Yearwood Said in Interviews She Prioritized Her Career Before Her Personal Relationships

Trisha Yearwood has said in interviews that a price for fame was the loss of her personal relationships. She married Chris Latham in 1987, before she reached prominence in her career. In that same time period, she was hired as an intern at MTM records, and eventually hired as a full-time employee. While working for the record company, she recorded a series of demo tapes and sang backup for several recording artists.

Yearwood told OK! magazine, “My career has always been more important than my ­personal life. Failed personal ­relationships were part of the price I paid for stardom.”

Following Yearwood’s divorce from Latham in 1992, she went on to marry Robert Reynolds in 1994. He was a bassist and vocalist for The Mavericks, who was eventually booted from the group during a struggle with drug addiction. Read more about his life here. Yearwood married her current husband, Garth Brooks, in 2005. Her marriage to Brooks has outlasted the length of her two previous marriages combined.

5. Chris Latham Is a Music Producer Who Lives His Life Outside of the Spotlight

Chris Latham lives a private life, outside of becoming a permanent footnote in Yearwood’s life story. Latham is a music producer and has worked in the music industry for decades. However, as Yearwood rose to fame, her marriage to Latham dissolved. He has never spoken publicly about his relationship to Yearwood, and she has never spoken about the reasons for her divorce.

Yearwood has said in interviews that she chose her career over her relationships. Although she has been married to Garth Brooks since 2005, she said if she was forced to pick between her marriage and music, she would pick music.

When Latham and Yearwood were married, she was in college studying business administration. She graduated in 1987, the same year they were married. In 1991, she released her first chart-topping single. She met Brooks for the first time around the time of her divorce from Latham in 1992. At the time of their first meeting, they were both married, and Yearwood would go on to marry Robert Reynolds. But Brooks told Us Weekly he felt an instant connection to Yearwood.

“I had been married 13 months when I met her,” he said. “When someone said, ‘What’d you think when I met her?’ I said, ‘I felt like I just met my wife,’ which is weird, right?”

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