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Alyssa Choiniere is a Heavy contributor covering crime, breaking news and entertainment. She is based in Uniontown, PA where she works as a crime reporter for a local newspaper. Follow her on Twitter @alyssachoiniere and contact her by email at
  • George Gonzalez: Pentagon Police Officer Stabbed, Killed in Attack

    George Gonzalez was a Pentagon Police Officer killed when a suspect stabbed him outside the Pentagon on August 3, 2021.

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  • Terry Kennedy: Pro Skateboarder Beat Man to Death, Police Say

    Terry Kennedy is a professional skateboarder who police allege severely beat a man, Josiah Kassahun, who later died. Kennedy was arrested and may face homicide charges.

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  • Usain Bolt Now: Where Is the Olympics Star in 2021?

    Usain Bolt has retired and will not be in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. He is now a 34-year-old father of twins and will soon run a promotional race.

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  • How Long Will Jeff Bezos & the Blue Origin Crew Be in Space?

    Blue Origin is set to launch and Jeff Bezos and crew members to the edge of space in a historic moment that will only last a few minutes.

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  • Marni Yang Today: Where Is She Now in 2021?

    Marni Yang is serving a life sentence in prison today after she was found guilty in the murder of Rhoni Reuter, though she is fighting the conviction through an appeal that she claims proves she is innocent.

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  • William ‘Wild Bill’ Cutolo’s Cause of Death

    William Cutolo was murdered in an mob hit ordered by a Colombo crime boss Mafia killer Dino "Big Dino" Calabro testified years later before a court in 2012. The death of Cutolo, also known as "Wild Bill" and "Billy Fingers" was shrouded in mystery.