Trisha Yearwood Had No Children Before Stepmothering Garth Brooks’ Kids


Tonight, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks will be performing a special concert in their home studio live for CBS. They’ll be bringing a lot of joy to millions around the world, and you’ll no doubt be wondering about their family and children while you’re watching. Read on for more details about Trisha Yearwood’s children.

Trisha Yearwood Didn’t Have Any Children Before She Became a Stepmom

Trisha Yearwood takes being a stepmom very seriously and she loves Garth Brooks’ children. And they love her. In fact, Yearwood didn’t have any children of her own before she became a stepmother to Brooks’ three daughters. Back in 2000, five years before she and Garth Brooks would get married, Yearwood told Nash Country Daily that her desire to have children was “blossoming.”

She said: “I’d love to have children. My mother had two children by the time she was 35. My sister is 38 and she’s got three children. I now realize I’m going to have to decide my career is not my child… This is the first time in my life I’ve ever thought about having a baby. I’ve never believed I won’t be complete without children. I’ve only cared about my music. That sounds selfish, but I didn’t have children until now because I knew my priority. And, even now, I’m not completely ready for children. But I want a life beyond my music and I don’t have that now…”

And that desire came true for Yearwood.

Brooks proposed to Yearwood in 2005 and she accepted on the spot. Today, she’s very close with his children. Yearwood told People that when she became a part of Brooks’ life, he told her: “Don’t try to be their mom and don’t try to be their best friend, you’ll find your way.”

The advice worked.

Brooks said that because Yearwood didn’t have any children, it took some time to feel their way through a new parental relationship alongside Brooks’ ex-wife (and the girls’ mother) Sandy Mahl. Brooks and Mahl were married from 1986 to 2001 and they had three children: Taylor, August, and Allie.

Allie said that after the divorce, Brooks often just cooked frozen chicken and boxed macaroni and cheese, Good Housekeeping shared. But once he and Yearwood started dating, that changed and all the children were “real excited” about it.

Even Mahl told Brooks about marrying Yearwood: “I think this is a really good move for you, and I think this is a really good move for our children.”

When Brooks and Yearwood got married, his daughters symbolically married her into their family too, Today reported. They exchanged rings and vows. He told them that if anything ever happened to him, he’d want them to take care of Yearwood too. Allie responded: “We’ve got your back, bra strap!”

Yearwood told People in 2017 that being a part of Brooks’ family has been very rewarding to her. “Now as these girls have grown—they’re adults now on their own—it’s been a part of my life that I would have never would have ever known to dream about and it’s been so rewarding to get to be a part of this family.”

"Bonus Mom" Trisha Yearwood – Mondays with MarloTrisha Yearwood, country music singer and cookbook author, discusses being a stepmother, or as she calls it, a "Bonus Mom." Subscribe to Marlo's channel to receive updates when new videos are posted and read more Marlo at Marlo Thomas is an American actress, producer, author and social advocate for women. She also serves…2012-12-12T20:38:32.000Z

Yearwood says she calls herself a “bonus mom” rather than a stepmom, since stepmother has a lot of negative connotations that don’t apply to her and her family.

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