The Frog on ‘The Masked Singer’ Guesses

Frog on The Masked Singer

Youtube Frog on The Masked Singer

Tonight is the season finale of The Masked Singer, and fans can’t wait to find out who will take home the cake.

Will it be the Night Angel? The Turtle? Or the fan-favorite Frog? And just who is the celebrity belting it out under the Frog mask?

Here are the top guesses for The Frog on The Masked Singer.

Bow Wow

The top guess for the Frog is, by far, Bow Wow.

The comments section of Youtube is flooded with references to Bow Wow, and Youtube tends to be the most accurate forum for guessing the identity of the masked singer.

As Good Housekeeping points out, the $106 in the Frog’s clue package is a reference to Bow Wow’s time spent hosting the BET music video show 106 & Park.

And the “hopping” and “jumping” could all point to Bow Wow’s 2002 film Like Mike. In a recent clues package, viewers saw a knight, which could very well be a reference to the team that Bow Wow’s character played for in Like Mike– the Los Angeles Knights.

Good Housekeeping adds, “Add in the facts that Bow Wow released his first (platinum!) album at 13, shared a label with Kris Kross (who, of course, had the song “Jump”), and currently resides in Atlanta (where, again, the 1996 Olympic Games were held), and you can clearly see that this theory is solid.”

On top of that, the voice seems to be a perfect match.

Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith

While the voice certainly lines up with Bow Wow, a number of the clues from the package seem to point to Chris “Mac Daddy” Smith.

Not only is one of his hit songs “Jump”, which would make sense seeing as he’s a frog, but the basketball in the clues video could be a reference to Kris Kross’s appearance with Michael Jordan in the 1992 music video for “Jam”.

Fans haven’t been able to link the $106 to anything related to Smith, though.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is whether there will be another season of the show?

In a recent interview with Variety, executive producer Craig Plestis shared, “I think the Masked Singer weathered the storm of this pandemic but also kind of kept America together a little bit. I really believe Masked Singer was this respite for an hour out of all the trauma that everyone is going through. This is the time we can bond with everyone that’s in the house right now. And forget about the troubles and just laugh and guess.”

He added of their final performance being dedicated to COVID-19 essential workers and first responders, “This was all done after we wrapped up taping… So we went out and approached them and asked if they would do this song and do a little tribute video. They all responded right away. It’s a really powerful song. As well as fresh content on our Tuesday show, with something that no one has ever seen. It’s nice when we can give back a little bit.”

The finale of The Masked Singer airs tonight on Fox at 8pm ET/PT.

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