How Did the ‘Rick and Morty’ Pilot Relate to Season 4 Episode 7’s Ending?

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At the end of Season 4 Episode 7 of Rick and Morty, Rick said something to Morty about how the pilot had come “full circle.” What exactly did that line mean and how does Episode 7 relate to the pilot?

This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 7. 

At the end of Season 4 Episode 7, Rick and Morty thought they were dying and about to lay eggs that would destroy and kill them, but it turned out that they only needed to poop. However, while they were still thinking their lives were in danger, Rick said something to Morty about how this all had come full circle from the pilot.

First, this was another one of those fascinating fourth-wall-breaking moments, and it will likely bring about more theories that Rick knows we’re watching him on TV.

But what did Rick mean about everything coming full circle from the pilot?

The pilot episode first aired on December 2, 2013. This was the mega-seeds episode. Rick took Morty to Dimension 35-C to harvest the seeds. Morty had to use grappling shoes to get the seeds, and once he had a seed, Rick told him that he had to smuggle the seed through his rectum in order to make it through inter-dimensional customs. We later learn that having the seed in his body temporarily gave Morty super intelligence, but it also caused him to slowly lose brain function and control of his motor skills for 72 hours. Morty was writhing on the ground in pain while Rick talked about the future adventures they would have. Here’s that ending scene.

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So with that scene in mind, the ending of Season 4 Episode 7 is even funnier. Rick thought he was going to die right along with Morty — they both thought they had eggs inside them and they were both writhing in pain.

So that’s what Rick meant when he commented that the pilot had come full circle. He was now suffering like Morty had in the pilot. (Unfortunately, poor Morty had to suffer both times.)

As another fun callback, many fans believe the pilot ending also relates to this episode ending of Rick and Morty from Season 3 Episode 1. This was the scene that gave birth to the Szechuan sauce obsession.

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But now in Season 4, Rick’s suffering right alongside Morty. I guess if you want to get really philosophical, you might think of this as meaning that Morty is maturing and slowly getting closer to being Rick’s equal in many ways. Maybe eventually Morty will even surpass Rick. Mentors are supposed to raise up their proteges to be even better than they are. We’ve seen from Evil Morty that Morty certainly has the ability to be intelligent and cunning enough to outwit Rick. So maybe in a future season, we’ll see an episode ending with Morty having the upperhand over Rick.

But even if that happens, we’ll probably still have funny Jerry moments in the after credits scene. The bee keeping scene this week was a great development for Jerry. At least he now has a hobby that’s useful rather than having the wind howl around him and tell him that he’s a loser.

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