Who Is ‘RHONY’ Star Leah McSweeney’s Sister? 5 Fast Facts

Sarah McSweeney

Instagram Sarah McSweeney is the younger sister of "Real Housewives of New York" star Leah McSweeney.

Sarah McSweeney is the younger sister of <em>Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney. Ramona Singer was not pleased when McSweeney invited her sister to join their fall trip to Newport, Rhode Island. The episode is titled “Hurricane Leah” and the star braced her followers for the new episode.

In a preview, McSweeney spars with Singer about inviting her sister. “Obviously this is your trip that you put together. I didn’t mean to just spring it on you, but I think you would love my sister. She’s super cool. She’s so much like me and you’re going to love her. I promise you that,” McSweeney says to Singer. “She didn’t want her to come, but I kind of talked her into it.”

“I didn’t really want her to come,” Singer retorts. “I’m going to take a vote tonight at dinner… I can rescind.”

Sonja Morgan agrees with Singer. “When we say we’re going on a girls trip, we mean our clique of girls,” she tells Bravo cameras in a confessional. “We don’t even know her sister. We would have needed to discuss this in advance and made it like a ‘bring your sister trip.'”

To find out more about Sarah McSweeney, continue reading below for five fast facts:

1. Sarah Describes Herself as a Model, Chef and Advocate

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Sarah describes herself as a model, chef and advocate on her Twitter profile. She has appeared in ads for her sister’s fashion line, Married to the Mob.

On social media, she’s followed by McSweeney, RHONY star Tinsley Mortimer, McSweeney’s boxing trainer Martin Snow and View co-host Meghan McCain.

Sarah is six years younger than Leah and spent most of her life growing up in Connecticut, Distractify noted, a move that devastated McSweeney when she was a teenager.

2. She’s a Mother to a Baby Girl

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Sarah gave birth to her daughter, Cecilia “CiCi” Marie on Feb. 28, 2019, Distractify reported, adding that CiCi’s father is Russell Steinberg.

Sarah loves to post pictures of her pregnancy and daughter on Instagram. She recently shared an image of herself wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic. “NEW NORMAL? Any other moms feel very weird wearing a mask while your baby can’t? It feels wrong!” she said.

She has also posed for several pictures with McSweeney’s daughter, KiKi. “Kiki did my makeup and this photo is pretty much a hostage situation,” she wrote in one post. “Kiki conducting tense negotiations to get me to convince her folks of her need for acrylic nails,” she wrote in another.

3. She’s Really Close With McSweeney

One of the reasons that McSweeney wanted her sister to come on the trip to Newport was because they have such a close bond. The sisters have often gushed about each other on social media.

McSweeney was looking forward to viewers meeting her sister. “I am so excited for everyone to meet my sister @lilmcsweeney tomorrow on #rhony She comes over to my humble abode to chat so make sure you tune in tomorrow,” she wrote on May 27.

In August 2018, Sarah penned a special birthday message for her sister. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LLAMA LOVER,” she wrote. “Thank you for being my sister and always holding it down. Also thanks for birthing my other sister! You and KiKi bring so much joy into my life. I love you Llama lover.”

4. She’s Working with Their Mother, Bunny, During the Pandemic

Bunny is a licensed therapist and one of the things she has been trying to do during the coronavirus pandemic to make sure people get the mental health help they need. She partnered with both her daughters for the project. Leah has promoted Bunny’s help on social media and Sarah has moderated the events.

“My sister @lilmcsweeney and my mom will be doing another mental health check-in and support group,” the RHONY star wrote on April 22. “My mother Bunny is a licensed therapist and has 34 years of experience. We want to spread love and positive vibes right now. Feel free to pass this on to friends and family. Hit up @lilmcsweeney for the zoom link.”

The McSweeney family has worked together several times to promote mental health awareness during the pandemic and offer assistance to anyone who might be struggling.

5. McSweeney Braced Viewers For ‘Hurricane Leah’ and Slammed Singer

McSweeney criticized Singer in an Instagram post before the show premiered, and also offered a disclaimer for her behavior.

“Hurricane season is here and tonight it’s ‘Hurricane Leah.’ I want to preface this episode by saying I went on this trip to Rhode Island not really wanting to even go,” she explained. “I didn’t know the women that well at this point, and I was in an already-vulnerable mood.”

McSweeney talked about why it was so important to have her 31-year-old sister join them. “I wanted my sister there for support. She was also six months postpartum and looking forward to her first baby-free overnight trip,” she wrote. “Moms: haven’t we all been there?”

Then she directed her post toward Ramona. “But enough about me. Tune in tonight for Ramona. Watch her get embarrassed by MY ‘bad’ behavior,” she wrote. “Yes, you heard it right: the woman who defecates on hotel room floors (and expects others to clean it up), who calls her own friends fat, and who tries to flex on IG during a pandemic is supposedly embarrassed that I got shitfaced. Please!”

Days earlier McSweeney wrote, “the f***ery was so real in Newport.”

Singer didn’t immediately respond to McSweeney’s message.

To find out what happened on “Hurricane Leah,” don’t miss Real Housewives of New York when it airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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