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    Anti-Trump protesters have been holding nightly demonstrations across the street from the White House. Tonight, protesters serenaded the White House with opera.

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    Ryan Bounds, a controversial judicial nominee who was awaiting Senate confirmation to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, has withdrawn his nomination ahead of a vote.

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    Sens. Jeff Flake and Chris Coons submitted a resolution that affirms Russian election interference and calls for Helsinki hearings. GOP Whip, Sen. Cronyn shut them down.

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    Peter Strzok spent time living in Iran and Africa growing up as his father, Peter Paul Strzok, traveled the world for the Army and on humanitarian missions.

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    Bernie Sanders took to Twitter today to give Trump a back-handed compliment for his evolving stance on Russian meddling in the US election.

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    Trump's first tweet of the day was a big "thank you" to Rand Paul -- one of the only Republicans to stand up for the president after his summit with Putin.