St. Ivory Riddle: ‘On My Way to St. Ivory’ Answer & Explanation

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Another riddle has gone viral online, and this one has people trying to figure out the name of a man. The riddle has two different names, “St. Ivory” or “I Met a Man on My Way to St. Ivory.” St. Ivory is a word riddle, there are no pictures or any other information besides the three written lines.

The following is typically how the riddle is shared, but there may be different renditions of the St. Ivory riddle. The idea of the riddle is the same, however, and you should be able to answer the riddle with the same line of thinking.

Here is the riddle:

I met a man on my way to St. Ivory.
He tipped his hat and drew his coat.
I told you his name already. What’s his name?

Take your time with the riddle, all the information you need is in the three lines. If you are ready to see the answer and explanation to the riddle, keep reading.

The Answer & Explanation to the ‘I Met a Man on My Way to St. Ivory’ Riddle

The St. Ivory riddle asks you for the name of the man in the riddle.

The name of the man you met on the way to St. Ivory is Andrew Hiscoat. 

As mentioned above, there are different ways the riddle has been written and shared on social media, but the way to find the answer is the same.

The second line reads, “He tipped his cat and drew his coat.” Read this line out loud, and you’ll notice there are two distinct parts in this phrase, a physical and verbal action.

The man physically tips his cap, and then says his name “Andrew Hiscoat.”

Some people have said that the name of the man is only Andrew, however, the riddle wouldn’t make a lot of sense if that was the case.

In the second line, the man would still tip his cap. Then he would say his name is Andrew, but the end of the second line would only read “his coat,” which wouldn’t make much sense. There’s no action associated to “his coat.”

Try Another Riddle: ‘There Are 5 Sisters in a Room’ Riddle & Answer

Another riddle you can try is the “There Are Five Sisters in a Room” riddle. It’s another word riddle without a picture or any additional information to help you solve it. Here is the riddle:

There are five sisters in a room. All five of them are busy.
Ann is reading, Rose is cooking, Lorraine is playing chess and Mary is doing laundry.
What is the fifth sister doing?

Give yourself some time to figure it out. All of the information you need is in the riddle. If you are ready to see the answer, keep reading.

The answer to the “There Are Five Sisters in a Room” riddle is:

The fifth sister is playing chess with Lorraine.

There are four activities listed in the riddle, reading, cooking, playing chess and laundry. Each activity can be done by one person, but chess is typically played with two people. Therefore, the fifth sister is playing chess.

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