Rick Kirkham’s Family Today: He Lives with His Wife in Norway

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Rick Kirkham, who is featured on Netflix’s Tiger King series, is now the subject of a new show on Investigation Discovery called The Truth Behind Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story. If you’re wondering where Kirkham is today, he’s living in Norway with his wife, Kristin E Rosøy Kirkham.

Kirkham Lives in Norway with His Wife, Kristin Rosøy Kirkham

Today Rick Kirkham lives in Bodo, Norway, with Kristin E Rosøy Kirkham. The two were married in 2018, Screenrant reported.  According to Kirkham’s Facebook page, he works as a freelance reporter for BODØ NU and he’s a producer, director, and cinematographer for RealReels Productions and Consulting. Here’s one story written about Kirkham by Bodo Nu.

Kirkham often shares posts on social media about his life and adventures with Kristin Kirkham. About a year ago he shared the photo below, writing: “Me and Kristin have enjoyed a nice evening of visiting our dear friend Shirley Bottolfsen, after her return from visiting her Lithuanian Children’s Home tonight. Shirley presented me with my NEW Christmas look! Home now, watching my new friend Adam Douglas and his Christmas Special on NRK. Interviewed Adam last week here in Bodø. Nice evening.”

Back in September 2017, he shared that he and Kristin had gotten engaged.

He said they got engaged on a mountaintop in Norway. He replied to one person, saying: “I’m the luckiest man in the world and have never been happier!”

They are very much in love. In July 2018, he shared a post after they got back from their honeymoon. He wrote: “12:00 noon on a beautiful Saturday in Bodø, Norway. A week back from our honeymoon on a Greek beach…and a HARD week of home improvement projects since… Kristin stopped in for a moment on her “day out” with her daughter Karoline Rosøy Tømmerbakk ‘s, dozen girl “bachelorette” party day. I’m sleeping in all day. 😉 Paradise. I’m the luckiest man alive.”

He Posts About His Children on Facebook

Kirkham sometimes shares funny stories about his children on Facebook. Here, he jokes about his youngest son Dusty, writing: “My youngest son Dusty now has a beer named after him!”

And in January, he shared how much he would miss his son since Dustin was going back to the United States.

Kirkham also talks lovingly about Kristin’s daughter and refers to her as his “bonus daughter.” In the post below he wrote: “Everyone who knows me here in Norway KNOWS about my passion for Havrebrød bread. BUT! Only ONE bread stands above and that’s my ‘Bonus’ daughter’s homemade! And I got some today!”

He also shared this happy post below about his daughter’s homemade bread, writing in November 2019: “Up early, about 5am, to keep pushing on my video edit of our BIG trip to NYC a couple weeks ago! Nice, quiet morning edit.. and my ‘Bonus’ daughter’s homemade bread & some coffee makes it all the better.”

Back in July 2019, Kirkham shared the sad news about how a drunk driver had taken out his son’s car.

They were trying to get the driver’s identity from the video.

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