Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Divorce Rumors Debunked

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill attend the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's debut of the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Exhibition on November 15, 2017

Getty Tim McGraw and Faith Hill attend the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's debut of the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Exhibition on November 15, 2017

In recent tabloids, there have been claims that country music super couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were getting a $200 million divorce.

That rumor has since been proven to be false, though In Touch declared that McGraw “dumped” his wife Faith Hill. However, the article didn’t follow up on that claim at all.

McGraw and Hill first met at a Nashville concert in 1994 when they were both seeing other people. However, by 1996, the couple was together and got engaged. They have three daughters together and have toured around the world together.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are Not Getting a Divorce

The headline that sparked the rumors of divorce was attached to an article that actually specified that the headline wasn’t referring to divorce. Instead, the article was referring to McGraw’s decision to leave Sony Music.

Because Faith Hill is still with Sony Music, Hill was no longer part of McGraw’s summer tour. Instead, he was planning to do a solo country tour and leave his wife behind.

“Tim pulled a shocking move, he’d been signed with Faith and they released their last album together,” a source reportedly told the magazine at the time. “They wanted to headline another tour together and return to their Las Vegas residency as a team, something they felt kept them close for many years.”

Sources also reportedly told the outlet that the fact that Hill was left alone at Sony would make it hard for her to launch a comeback as a solo artist since she had “put her career on the back burner” while raising three daughters.

According to Country Thang Daily, the report’s insiders say that the conflict would lead to a huge, bitter divorce. The source also reportedly said that Hill was worried that her husband would “plunge back into his partying past.”

Faith has major trust issues, and it’s understandable,” the source said. “For years, Tim was drinking and partying on the road and would forget about his wife and kids back home. Faith held the family together in his absence, but there were many tough years. It almost broke them many times.”

McGraw revealed that Hill told him he had to decide between that partying lifestyle and his family when it got to be too much.

“When things happen and you succeed beyond your wildest dreams and you’re playing all these great shows and the parties are going on,” McGraw said on the Today show. “Then you’re married and you have kids. And all of a sudden your wife looks at you and says, ‘You know, you’re getting a little overboard and you need to make some decisions.’ It makes a big impact on you.”

Gossip Cop spoke to a spokesperson for McGraw, who confirmed that the stories regarding divorce were fabricated.

The Couple Has Been the Subject of  Divorce Rumors For Years

The relationship between Hill and McGraw has been the subject of rumors for as long as they’ve been together. Gossip Cop exposed a rumor that the couple was headed for a $167 million divorce after their youngest daughter left for college as false as well.

Most recently, in April 2020, the two embarrassed their daughters on an Instagram post by flirting with one another at home.

Hill insisted during the call that she looks “at least 30” years old, and McGraw said “She got that booty going on!” Their daughter Maggie looked at the camera, disgusted, after recording the moment.

McGraw and Hill have both addressed divorce rumors in the past, with Hill saying that she didn’t know why “happy” couldn’t be a story in itself and McGraw saying that they have been married for 17 years and rumors have been going around since the very beginning of their relationship.

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