‘Good Witch’ Season 7: Is the Show Renewed? When Does It Return?

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It’s not easy to say goodbye. Good Witch and Season 6 on Hallmark was a delightful season, but now it’s coming to an end. Has the magical show been renewed for Season 7? Do we have any idea when it might come back? Find all the details below and then, when you finish this article, take the poll at the end of the story and let us know if you think there should be a seventh season of Good Witch. 

As of the time of publication, it isn’t yet known if Good Witch has been renewed for Season 7. Based on ratings alone, it looks pretty hopeful that the show will be renewed.

The Season 6 ratings have been very good, if a bit lower than Season 5. The May 3 premiere had 1.88 million viewers total. The highest ratings were for June 21, when the show brought in 2.007 million viewers, including a .20 in the 18-49 demographic. That was a 42% jump in the demographic. It dropped a bit for the next episode, but the ratings have definitely been good. Unfortunately, ratings weren’t quite as high as they were for Season 5. Last year, the show only dipped below two million viewers once on July 7 during the Fourth of July weekend. For the rest of the episodes, the ratings have been between 2.0 and 2.35 million. This time around, the ratings only topped 2 million one time so far — on June 21.

For comparison, Fear the Walking Dead, which also aired on Sunday nights on AMC last year, only had 1.4 to 1.9 million viewers per episode in 2019. So overall, that was still lower than Good Witch‘s Season 6. It’s likely that despite the slight drop in viewers, the show will still be renewed.

The Premiere Date & the October Movie’s Fate Aren’t Yet Known

Even if it is renewed, however, the premiere will be delayed. Typically, the new seasons begin in late April or early May. Season 1 was an exception, premiering on February 28, but most of the rest of the seasons followed a distinct pattern. Season 2 premiered on April 17, Season 3 premiered on April 30, and Season 4 premiered on April 29. Season 5 was supposed to premiere the first weekend in May 2019, but because parts of When Calls the Heart had to be remade due to Lori Loughlin’s exit, it was delayed. As a result, Good Witch Season 6 premiered a month late on June 9 and June 10. Then Season 6 premiered on May 3.

On a normal schedule, we’d be seeing Season 7 premiere in late April/early May 2021. But right now a lot is up in the air because of the coronavirus pandemic. For many productions, filming has been delayed. The last time When Calls the Heart‘s episodes had to be delayed for editing, it led to the delaying of Good Witch too. So if production on When Calls the Heart falls behind, then Good Witch‘s return would likely be pushed back too.

Right now though, things are looking tentatively positive for Good Witch and When Calls the Heart. Global News reported that When Calls the Heart‘s Season 8 is expected to start filming again in Vancouver on July 20. With the pandemic, anything can change at any time, but that’s a positive sign. Filming will have to follow social distancing rules and cleaning protocols, with a limited number of people on set. There won’t be any buffets for cast and crew. And cast and crew from outside Canada will have to self-isolate for 14 days before they join the set.

And then in an interview with KTLA, Catherine Bell said that filming might be able to start in September if the show is renewed, which would make it more likely that the show would start back on time. (Does that include the October movie? We’re not sure.)


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