Lala Kent Slams ‘Cryptic’ Hints About Randall Emmett Split Rumors

Lala Kent

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent denied that her Instagram Story message was "cryptic" in nature after she removed pictures of fiance Randall Emmett from her social media page.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent denied that her Instagram Story message was “cryptic” in nature after she removed pictures of fiance Randall Emmett from her social media page.

“My stories are not ‘cryptic,’” Kent wrote, as noted by Hollywood Life. “My last story was the fourth step prayer. One of the hardest steps in the 12 step program. I will continue to post a prayer from the program each day.” Kent, 30, is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for nearly two years.

Before she clarified she wasn’t hinting at the breakup rumors between herself and Emmett, Kent talked about making mistakes and righting her wrongs. “Dear God it is I who has made my life a mess. I have done it, but I cannot undo it. My mistakes are mine & I will begin a searching & fearless moral inventory,” the initial message said. “I will write my wrongs but I will also include that which is good. I pray for the strength to complete this task.”

Kent Slams the Breakup Rumors

As speculation about a possible breakup continued to swirl, Kent sent the record straight. She posted a picture of herself and Emmett kissing, saying she deleted his photos because she was being petty.

“Y’all we didn’t break up. I’m petty- so when he pisses me off his photos go to the archive… then I re-add them. I mean, I have this dude’s name tattooed on my arm,” she wrote on Monday. “He’s stuck with me.” Kent disabled comments under the photo so her 1.4 million followers could not respond.

She continued to explain why she removed Emmetts photos in her Instagram Story. “It won’t be the last time I archive pictures of Rand when he makes me mad. I’m petty AF. It will happen again and again until I grow out of it. And if it’s the most petty thing I do, I’m okay with it.”

She added at the bottom in smaller print: “Also, Rand and I have never followed each other– in fact we have had each other blocked since we got together.”

As Kent previously mentioned, she posted the fifth step from the program: “Higher Power, My inventory has shown me who I am, Yet I asked for Your help in admitting my wrongs to another person and to You. Assure me, and be with me, in this step, for without this step I cannot progress in my recovery. With Your help, I can do this, and I do it.”

Kent and Emmett Postpone Their Wedding

The couple, who got engaged in September 2018, was forced to suspend their April 18, 2020, nuptials because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have decided to move the date of our wedding to July given the unfortunate circumstances of what is going on,” they said in a March statement. “We are obviously saddened by this but for the ultimate safety of our families and guests, we have made the decision to wait and see how everything progresses. Safety will always be our number one priority.”

Quarantining together hasn’t been easy for the duo, with Kent telling Maria Menounos on a May 5 episode of Better Together with Maria Menounos, they were on the verge of breaking up multiple times.

“Well Randall and I have almost broken up about a dozen times, so this is definitely a test for people’s relationships,” she said. “It’s so crazy because you sit there and you start bickering about little things and you start over-analyzing everything, and we really have just elevated our relationship in such an amazing way.”

Kent added their relationship was never really in jeopardy. “I know we’re always gonna argue and of course we were never really going to end the relationship,” Kent continued. “We’re in such a great place I didn’t even think we could get any better.”

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