Linda Kolman Believes Gilberto Nunez Killed Her Husband Despite Acquittal

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On tonight’s episode of Dateline NBCthe story of Tom Kolman will be examined. Kolman was found dead in his car, leading to the discovery of a love triangle and a murder suspect.

Early on November 29, 2011, Kolman died in the parking lot of a Planet Fitness in Ulster, New York. His wife, Linda Kolman, discovered his body hours later when he failed to show up for work.

Four years later, Gilberto Nunez, a former family dentist in New York, was charged and tried for the murder of his former friend. Police claimed that Nunez had poisoned Kolman with Midazolam, which is a dental sedative, because he wanted Linda all to himself.

Nunez was later acquitted of second-degree murder for Kolman’s death.

Linda Kolman Believes Gilberto Nunez Is Guilty

Nunez declared his innocence and appeared on an episode of 48 Hours. He suggested that police may have attempted to frame him by deleting dozens of text messages.

Linda Kolman, however, thinks that Kolman is guilty and is a “master manipulator,” she told Dateline.

“The man I see now has a cold dead heart who doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” Kolman said on the episode of Dateline. She also offered details about the love triangle and laid out evidence surrounding her husband’s death.

Kolman and Nunez Had an Affair Leading Up to the Murder

Linda Kolman met Nunez in 2009 at their children’s kindergarten orientation. The two quickly became friends and later became romantically involved. She said that Nunez has “a way about him. He had a very smooth, I want to say almost sexy way about him.”

She said that once they were intimate, she found herself falling in love with Nunez and loved both him and her husband.

By the end of 2011, Kolman said she knew that she wanted the affair to end. She said that it was “stupid and foolish and ridiculous and I didn’t want to do it anymore,” and continued on to say that she was planning on focusing on repairing her marriage.

However, she said she did not tell that to Nunez because she was worried he would kill himself.

According to prosecutors, on the morning of Tom Kolman’s death, he and Nunez met at the gym. Security cameras allegedly show the two men’s cars sitting next to one another for 28 minutes before Nunez’s car pulled away.

Later, midazolam was found in Thomas’s body, and vials of the sedative were found in Nunez’s office along with a Wikipedia search for the drug on his computer. Nunez said that the drugs were part of an emergency kit to calm someone having a seizure and that they were unopened.

It came out in the trial that the amount of midazolam found in Thomas Kolman’s body may not have been enough to kill him, but the prosecution said that Kolman was in poor health and his sleep apnea would make even a small amount of the drug dangerous.

According to the New Yorker, however, it would have taken Nunez five years to accumulate the amount of midazolam that was found in Kolman’s system if he had been stockpiling it.

Linda Kolman believed that her lover, Nunez, had murdered her husband and even filed a wrongful-death suit against him.

In the criminal trial against Nunez, the jury deliberated just for six hours before returning with a verdict. Nunez was not found guilty of murder.

Tune in to Dateline NBC on Friday, July 17 at 9 p.m. to hear more about Thomas Kolman’s story.

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