• Toby Young Helped Murderer John Manard Escape From Prison in a Dog Crate

    Toby Young met inmate John Manard while working at a Kansas prison and after the two fell in love, she helped him escape in a dog crate.

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  • Robin Spielbauer Was Shot & Killed By Her Ex-Husband With His New Wife’s Gun

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  • Robert McClancy: Veteran Was Murdered By His Wife in ‘Most Evil Crime’

    Robert McClancy, a Vietnam veteran, was found dead of an apparent suicide but authorities later charged his wife with first-degree murder.

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  • Matthew Sullivan Today: Where Is Elizabeth Sullivan’s Husband & Killer Now?

  • Elizabeth Sullivan Was Killed & Kept in Freezer For 2 Years by Husband

  • Renee Pagel Was Murdered By Husband Days Before Divorce Was to Be Finalized

    Renee Pagel was brutally stabbed in her bed at home while recovering from surgery and her case went cold for nearly 14 years until someone came forward.

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  • Taylor Wright Was Murdered, Buried Under Concrete by Close Friend After $34K Theft

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  • Kathleen & Carl Schroll Died in Murder-Suicide Staged as a Double Homicide

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  • Bob Bashara: ‘Sex Dungeon’ Owner ‘Master Bob’ Hired Hitman to Kill Wife

  • Mackenzie Lueck & Ayoola Ajayi Met on a Dating Website for Sugar Daddies

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    Ayoola Ajayi was charged with murdering university student Mackenzie Lueck and desecrating her body in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2019.

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  • Sherri Dally Was Abducted & Killed By Her Husband & His Lover

    Sherri Dally was abducted from a parking lot and her body was found a month later. Her husband and his mistress were arrested and charged with her murder.

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  • Alex McCarty & Noah Walton: Football Star’s Friends Helped Police Arrest Him

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  • Thomas Randolph: 4 of the 6 Wives of the ‘Black Widower’ Died

  • Becky Gault Randolph: How Did the ‘Black Widower’s’ Second Wife Die?

    Becky Gault Randolph was the second wife of Thomas Randolph, also known as the 'Black Widower', and she died in 1986.