• Christian ‘Kit’ Martin Today: Where Is Pamela & Calvin Phillips’ Accused Killer Now?

    Christian 'Kit' Martin was accused in the triple homicide of Pamela and Calvin Phillips and Edward Dansereau in Pembroke, Kentucky. Where is he today?

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  • Catherine Suh Manipulated Her Brother Into Murdering Boyfriend Robert O’Dubaine

    Robert O'Dubaine, 31, was shot twice and killed in the garage of his home in Chicago by the brother of his girlfriend at her request.

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    Erika Friman found herself at the center of a case when her ex was arrested and charged with the murder of his friend, her new boyfriend. Where is she today?

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  • Courtney Copeland Death: Has His Murder Been Solved Today?

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  • Toby Young Helped Murderer John Manard Escape From Prison in a Dog Crate

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    John Michael Manard was serving a life sentence for murder when he fell in love with prison worker Toby Young, who helped him escape. Where is he today?

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    Veteran Robert McClancy died of an apparent suicide but an investigation led to murder charges for his wife Martha Ann McClancy. Where is she today?