• Todd Chance’s Wife Killed Him After Finding Flirty Messages With His Ex

    Todd Chance was shot twice in the chest and his wife Leslie Jenea Chance, an elementary school principal, was charged with his murder.

  • Kendra Hatcher’s Death: How the Dentist Died

  • Kendra Hatcher’s Murder Was Ordered by Her Boyfriend’s Jealous Ex

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  • Angela Green Missing: Prairie Village Woman Disappeared Over a Year Ago

    Angela Green from Prairie Village, Kansas, has been missing for over a year amid conflicting information from her husband about her whereabouts.

  • Ellie Green: Missing Woman’s Daughter Is Searching for Answers

  • Geoff Green: Missing Woman’s Husband Said She Died Then Changed His Story

  • Leslie Neulander’s Husband Was Charged With Her Murder 21 Months Later

  • Robert Neulander Now: Where Is Leslie Neulander’s Husband Today?

  • Johnna Lorraine: Juror in Robert Neulander Trial Exchanged 7,000 Texts About Case

    Robert Neulander's guilty verdict in the murder of his wife was overturned when the court found that a juror had exchanged thousands of texts about the case.

  • Jeffrey Brown Now: Where Is Cindy Reese’s Former Boyfriend & Pastor Today?

  • Michael Reese’s Wife Shot & Killed Him to Be With Her Pastor

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  • James Clanton Was Arrested 40 Years After Helene Pruszynski’s Murder

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  • Arron Lewis Now: Where Is Beverly Carter’s Convicted Killer Today?

  • Beverly Carter: Realtor Was Murdered by Arron Lewis & Crystal Lowery

  • Murderer’s Daughter’s Testimony Key to Conviction

  • David Shepard Update: Where Is the Convicted Killer Now?

    Tonight's episode of Dateline NBC covers the murder-for-hire plot and killing of pathologist Joseph Sonnier, III. Andrea Canning reports on the crime and the lead-up to it.

  • Dr. Thomas Dixon Update: Where Is Joe Sonnier’s Convicted Killer Now?

  • Sons Mourn Father’s Murder 2 Years After Mother Also Murdered

  • Horror Film Plot Eerily Similar to Lead Actress’ Murder Charges

  • Actress Charged With Murder 1 Day After Wrapping Horror Film

  • Aisling ‘Tucker’ Moore-Reed Now: Where Is the Actress & Accused Killer Today?

    Aisling 'Tucker' Moore-Reed, an actress, was charged with murder in the shooting death of her uncle, Shane Patrick Moore. Where is she today?

  • Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed Sentenced to Six Years in Prison For Manslaughter

  • Wendi Adelson Today: Where Is Dan Markel’s Ex-Wife in 2020?

  • Sigfredo Garcia Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Dan Markel

  • 3 People Were Charged in Murder-For-Hire Plot Against Law Professor

  • Jose Roberto Turner Sentenced to 26 Years to Life For LaJoya McCoy Murder

    LaJoya McCoy was a 31-year-old mother of two when she was murdered by Jose Roberto Turner, according to the listings for tonight's special Monday episode of Dateline NBC.