Sarah Edmondson Today: Where Is the Former NXIVM Member & Actor Now?

Sarah Edmondson

Instagram Sarah Edmondson, on the left with her husband Anthony Ames

Sarah Edmondson is one of the key whistleblowers interviewed in HBO’s new documentary series, “The Vow.” Through interviews with former members, videos and audio recordings of meetings and seminars, the docu-series explores NXIVM, a cult-like organization led by Keith Raniere.

Raniere, who was convicted in June 2019 of racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and other felony charges, was the leader of NXIVM and one of its subsets, DOS, a secret sisterhood founded on manipulation and blackmail which involved certain members engaging in sexual acts with Raniere. The documentary series attempts to show why NXIVM members, who were successful, intelligent and idealistic, signed up to the organization and why they stayed.

Edmondson left the organization after discovering some of its darker and more controlling aspects, and along with other whistleblowers, dedicated herself to exposing the reality behind NXIVM and Raniere.

Where is Sarah Edmondson today?

She Lives in Vancouver With Her Family & Is Still Working as an Actress Since Leaving NXIVM

Edmondson lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband, Anthony Ames, and their two sons. Her husband, who is also featured in “The Vow,” is another former NXIVM member as well as an actor. The couple frequently posts updates on social media of their life in quarantine with their kids and the trips they’re taking around British Columbia.

Since leaving NXIVM in early 2017, Edmondson has worked on many acting and voice acting projects, including At Home in Mitford, Wedding of Dreams and Welcome to Christmas. She appeared in five episodes of “Salvation” in 2018. She’s also done some voice acting work, most recently in 2018’s mini-series “Minecraft Mysteries: Mystery of the Greek Isles.”

She also appeared as a reporter, Trish Britton, in 2019’s The Sisterhood, a movie about women in a cult-like group who are forced to take part in questionable acts in exchange for a promise of self-improvement — a movie with similar parallels to the NXIVM experience.

She Has Written a Book & Is Very Outspoken About Her Experience in NXIVM

Edmondson has continued to speak about her experience in NXIVM and recently published a memoir about her time in the organization, titled Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult That Bound My Life. The book is described as a “compelling memoir of her recruitment into the NXIVM cult, the 12 years she spent within the organization (during which she enrolled over 2,000 members and entered DOS—NXIVM’s ‘secret sisterhood’), her breaking point, and her harrowing fight to get out, to expose Keith Raniere and the leadership, to help others, and to heal.”

She was also featured in a 2018 podcast titled “Uncover: Escaping NXIVM,” an investigative look at NXIVM and Raniere as well as Edmondson’s experiences. “Escaping NXIVM” is the first season of the “Uncover” podcast series hosted on CBC Radio: “NXIVM (pronounced ‘Nexium’) calls itself a humanitarian community. Experts call it a cult. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM is an investigative podcast series about the group, its leader Keith Raniere and one woman’s journey to get out,” the website’s description reads.

Since publishing her book, Edmondson has been on a series of interviews about her memoir in an attempt to bring more attention to NXIVM and similar cult-like organizations. A portion of her book sales will go toward a fund for victims of NXIVM “to support their healing and recovery.”

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