The Jane Doe Shawn Grate Murdered Identified as Dana Nicole Lowrey

Shawn Grate

YouTube/WKYC Channel 3 Convicted Serial Killer Shawn Grate was arrested after a kidnapping victim escaped her bindings and called 911.

On tonight’s episode of the ID Channel’s Evil Lives Here, an ex-girlfriend of convicted serial killer Shawn Grate discusses what it was like to live with him. The episode marks the beginning of the channel’s Serial Killer Week.

According to the episode description, “As Christina Hildreth helped Shawn Grate clean up his first crime scene, she didn’t realize what she was doing. Once police were banging on her door while she was trapped with a madman, she understood the situation was direr than she realized.”

Grate has convicted of murdering five women and kidnapping another after admitting to the crimes. His first victim was a “Jane Doe” for a decade before being identified by law enforcement after the killer’s confession.

The “Jane Doe” Was Identified as Dana Nicole Lowrey in 2019

Dana Nicole Lowrey worked as a magazine salesperson around the United States. Detectives could not identify Lowrey for a number of years, though they believed she was killed in 2005 or 2006. Her remains were found in 2007.

Shawn Grate confessed to murdering Lowrey in 2016, though he did not know her last name and could only say he was sure her name had been Dana or Diana and she was a magazine salesperson. He told authorities at that time that she sold some magazines to his mother, but those magazines never came.

Grate told authorities that he picked Lowrey up after telling her he wanted to buy more magazines from her. He then drove her to his home and killed her.

“He coaxed her into his car, took her to his house, took her downstairs to the basement and there he strangled her,” Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey told News 5 Cleveland.

Prosecutors believe that he then stabbed Lowrey in the neck, wrapped her body in sheets, and then dumped her body off Victory Road. He then allegedly drove back to his home to set the sheets and knife on fire before returning to Victory Road to set Lowrey’s body on fire.

Investigators used facial reconstruction and analysis as well as isotope testing, which is new to forensics, and a familial DNA Database.

Grate Was Sentenced to Life in Prison Plus 16 Years for Lowrey’s Murder

Though Lowrey was already serving life in prison and was on death row for four murders, he did have another trial for Lowrey’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison plus 16 years for murder and kidnapping.

“I spent 19 years as a prosecutor, and it well could have been indicted as a death penalty case, and, had it been, you’re looking at a judge that believes in the death penalty, and in these facts, would not have hesitated to give it to you,” judge Warren T. Edwards said in court.

The sentence for Lowrey’s murder was to be served consecutive with Grate’s previous sentences, rather than concurrently.

“I think it’s important that the sentence was consecutive,” Marion County Prosecutor Ray Grogan told WBNS 10. “He may very well die before he serves a day of this court’s sentence. But, at the end of the day, I’ll know, the sheriff will know, the family will know, that Dana received her own justice.”

Grate is currently at the Chillicothe Correctional Institute. His legal team has appealed the death sentence in the Ohio Supreme Court.

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