Jamie Veronica Murdock: Where is Carole Baskin’s Daughter Now?

Carole Baskin Daughter Jamie


Tonight on the series premiere of the new series 48 Hours Suspicion, a new investigation will reveal some “startling new information” about the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s second husband Don Lewis. Baskin has one daughter, Jamie Veronica Murdock.

While the Netflix docuseries Tiger King chronicled the feud between Joe “Joe Exotic” Schreibvogel and Carole Baskin, the episode of 48 Hours Suspicion will display new information in Lewis’ disappearance as correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Baskin was also announced as a surprise contestant for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, propelled to new celebrity heights by the docuseries, though many fans of the show believe that she actually had something to do with her husband’s disappearance.

Read on to learn more about where Baskin’s daughter, Jamie Murdock is today.

Jamie Murdock, Carole Baskin’s Daughter, Is the President of Big Cat Rescue


Currently, Jamie Murdock works as the president at Big Cat Rescue as well as as a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Volunteer Committee. According to the Big Cat Rescue website, Jamie is an award-winning photographer as well.

“Jamie is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and manages the sanctuary’s bobcat rehab program,” the website reads. “She has successfully raised, rehabilitated and released many wild Florida bobcats and leads expeditions into the release sites to track and camera trap wild bobcat populations.”

Murdock uses her talents and creativity to create acrylic paintings, mix-media projects and paw print art. She also owns and runs an art studio called Dancing Butterfly Arts, which has a shop on Etsy.

The store features “a quirky and wild collection of handmade gifts, squirrel picnic tables, original art, paw print art, tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, bobcat, lynx watercolor art, picture frames, woodcrafts, antiques, pendants, bracelets, earrings, antiques, beer caddys, shelves and more.”

According to the Etsy store, she enjoys exploring creativity as well as salvaging and selling antiques. The store offers free pickup on orders for any Big Cat Rescue volunteers, interns and staff.

Jamie Murdock is a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Carole Baskin’s daughter runs all parts of Big Cat Rescue that deal with the volunteer program like processing applications, following up with volunteers, keeping coordinators up to date and running the training program.

She also runs the online gift shop as well as the eBay store, manages Big Cat Rescue’s foster kitten program as well as managing enclosure maintenance, fundraising events and any online efforts. She has been with Big Cat Rescue for over a decade.

“She has served in these capacities for well over ten years,” the Big Cat Rescue website reads. “She spent many years developing a sponsorship program whose financial success continues to contribute largely toward meeting our annual budget.”

According to the website, Jamie Murdock was once married to Big Cat Rescue’s veterinarian Dr. Justin Boorstein, but she currently may be in a relationship with a man named Victor Alonso, according to cheatsheet.

She often shares photos of the cats at the rescue on her Big Cat Rescue President Facebook page, which recently included what happened when they gave the tigers at the rescue watermelons to play with and eat.

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