‘American Idol’ Chayce Beckham Accepts ARTAS Award

Chayce Beckham


On July 7, the American Reality Television Awards celebrated “American Idol,” which took home the award for Outstanding Judging Panel.

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were not around to accept the award, however, and in their place, Chayce Beckham accepted the accolade.

Beckham shared, per MJS Big Blog, “What’s going on everybody, It’s Chayce Beckham the winner of season 4 of ‘American Idol’. And I’m accepting the award of Outstanding Judging Panel on behalf of our three judges, Katy, Luke and Lionel.”

Beckham continued, “And just want to say thank you to everybody who made the show happen this year, and especially the three judges … made it super special for me and gave me an opportunity to start my career and really enjoy what I’m doing with my life. So thank you everybody. … We’re super happy to have this award.”

What else is Beckham up to these days? Read on to find out.

Beckham Is Set to Tour With 3 Doors Down

On his Instagram on June 9, Beckham revealed that he would be touring this September with the band 3 Doors Down.

The singer wrote on Instagram, “Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan, I can’t wait to see y’all in September with @3doorsdown for The Better Life Tour, get your tickets now.”

The Instagram post specified that he will join the band on September 10, September 11 and September 12.

On June 14, Beckham spoke to Bobby Bones on “The Bobby Bones Show” about pursuing his time on “Idol”. He said, “I didn’t jump at the opportunity to say the least, but my parents were definitely were believing in me the most when I had kind of given up on myself and on my dreams. They had pushed me to pursue the American Idol journey and thought that I would do well. None of us thought that I would win or anything, but we thought that I would hopefully get on and get to do some of the live shows and just get a little bit of exposure.”

He added of the song, “23”, “All of my success, I owe to [my parents].”

Beckham Saw His Name on the ‘Idol’ Winner Card

Chayce Beckham On The Crazy Thing That Happened During The 'American Idol' FinaleWelcome to The Bobby Bones Show page. Listen live on iHeartRadio weekdays 5a-10a CT. Hang out with Bobby, Amy, and Lunchbox + the rest of the crew! ———————————————————————————————– 🎧 Listen to the Bobby Bones Show On Demand // bit.ly/2aOlCJ2 👉🏼 Check out more at Bobbybones.com 📷 Follow us on Instagram // instagram.com/bobbybonesshow 🐦 Follow The…2021-06-14T11:15:01Z

While speaking to Bobby Bones, Beckham also shared a key piece of information: he saw his name on the winner’s card headed into the live results during the finale of “Idol”.

“About the moment they called my name … I’ve never said this to anybody,” he said. “This actually happened. That card is huge. And [host] Ryan [Seacrest] was right next to me. I saw my name on the card.”

He added, “This is the first time that story has been told. Ryan is standing there and goes ‘The winner is’… I didn’t want to look at it. That’s when I accepted it. Then he said my name and everyone’s like, ‘He didn’t seem surprised.'”

Since the show ended, Beckham has moved to Nashville, where he has continued to thrive as a musician.

Speaking to Music Mayhem in May, Beckham suggested the move was likely to happen.

“Hunter Metts is a good friend of mine, and I’m actually planning on moving to Nashville after this, so Hunter’s in Nash, Graham’s gonna be in Nash. Wyatt Pike, we’re all talking about moving to Nash… I’m going for sure, so it’s nice to have that group of friends that I’ve made here that are all just devoted to music, and just want to make music, and we kinda all want to get together in the same city and do shows and record music and write songs, so definitely got a lot of stuff going on with them.”

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