Katy Perry Breaks Silence After Manager’s Sudden Death

Katy Perry

Heavy/Getty Katy Perry has broken her silence after the death of her manager, Martin Kirkup

Nearly two weeks after the sudden death of her longtime manager, pop star Katy Perry has broken her silence. Perry, who’s about to appear on her final season as a judge on “American Idol,” posted a lengthy social media tribute to Martin Kirkup on February 15, 2024.

Kirkup died on February 4 at age 75, according to Billboard. His family told the outlet that he died while vacationing in Hawaii. Perry, who was in Hawaii the same week filming for “American Idol,” said in her tribute that she was able to share some of her new music with her longtime “protector” just before his death and that she began seeing “signs” from him the day after.

“Three days before he passed, he finally got to hear some of what I have been working on and the joy and love that it holds,” she wrote. “I could tell he was excited for the future, and I was so glad I had that last moment to make him proud in my own little way.”

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Katy Perry Says Writing About Martin Kirkup’s Death ‘Makes It All Feel Final’

Perry posted a series of photos with Kirkup on Instagram and wrote a tribute so lengthy, it spilled over into her comment section.

She began by writing, “It’s taken me a little while to make this post…something about posting it makes it all feel, final… and even though Martin wasn’t particularly fond of social media and its sensationalism, I must respectfully take a moment and speak on how special he was and is to me. I say is because I personally don’t believe that anyone ‘dies’; they simply move on to the next dimension. They aren’t here anymore, but are now EVERYWHERE ✨”

Kirkup co-founded Direct Management Group in 1985 with Steven Jensen with a mission to reperesent unique artists, according to the company’s web site. They enjoyed early success with groups like the B-52’s, Counting Crows, Tracy Chapman, David Byrne, and k.d. lang. They eventually added a third business partner, Bradford Cobb, to their team.

After signing Perry in 2004 and nurturing her sound, per Billboard, they helped her career take off in 2008 with hits like “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot N Cold.”

Calling Kirkup the “bulldog” of the group, Perry wrote, “Martin was one of my protectors. He was vigilant about getting me what I deserved and celebrated the headstrong female I am.”

“Martin and I got to climb so many wonderful professional mountains,” she continued, “and have thoroughly enjoyed the views together – traveling, tasting, learning, celebrating, leaning into the fullness and beauty of life. Martin left this dimension with no stones unturned!”

“We didn’t get to physically say goodbye,” Perry wrote, “but I know he knows how much respect and admiration I have for him, and his hearty chuckles and wicked retorts continue to echo through my mind.”

After Manager’s Death, Katy Perry Says She’s Seen ‘Signs’ of His Presence

Katy Perry 2004

GettyKaty Perry at one of her first media appearances in 2004

In Perry’s tribute to Kirkup, she wrote that she has felt his spiritual presence with her since his death, saying that whenever she sees her favorite number, 143, it feels like a message from another realm that means “I love you.” Not only has it shown up for her in spades since her daughter Daisy’s birth in 2020, she wrote, but also in times of great challenge.

“It’s come to me in some of my hardest times to comfort me and is a constant confirmation that whatever I’m doing or path I’m on is the right one to be on,” she wrote. “It’s my angels and guides sending a little numerical code to me whenever they wanna engage.”

“The day after Martin passed, 143s were everywhere,” Perry shared in her post. “The receipt in the morning was 143, the length of the movie we watched was 143, and to top it off, the one person that came up to me to ask for a picture introduced himself as Martin. What a coincidence, eh?”

Perry continued, “I believe our angels and loved ones always want to talk with us… if we are willing to listen. The signs are all around, we just gotta be open to them. So, I’m gonna stay open and never forget the love, dedication and protection he gave me all these years. What an honor it was to have Martin Kirkup on my team. I hear you Martin, and 143 back to you ♥️”

According to Billboard, Kirkup is survived by his wife Lale Kirkup, daughter Melisa Kirkup Blatt and son-in-law Ben Blatt, son John Kirkup and daughter-in-law Lorien Kirkup. He also had three grandchildren — Sam, Abigail, and Ivy.

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