Luke Bryan Welcomes a New Addition to His Family

Getty Luke and Caroline Bryan

Congratulations are in order for “American Idol” judge and country star Luke Bryan — his niece Jordan Eudy has made him a great-uncle.

See the beautiful new baby below:

Jordan Posted the Baby Announcement to Instagram

On Instagram, Jordan revealed that she “got the best Mother’s Day gift of all” when her baby son was born. The little guy weighed just three pounds at birth.

Jordan writes:

Yesterday I got the best Mother’s Day Gift of all…Jonathan Chesh Eudy made his debut on 05.07.22 at 10:27 am. weighing a whopping 3lbs 13oz. Clint and I are extremely thankful and cannot wait to get him home. We know he was handpicked from Heaven by the sweetest angels.

The baby arrived a bit early — in an Instagram post on April 25 of herself holding the ultrasound photos, Jordan wrote how she had “10 more weeks until we get to meet this sweet little face in person” and it was hashtagged “30 weeks,” which means she wasn’t due until early July. Thankfully, it looks like the new baby is doing well.

Luke’s wife Carolina wrote in the comments that they are “so proud” of Jordan and Luke’s mom LeClaire Bryan added, “This is the purest love from God. A mother.”

In the series of photos Jordan posted, she included a shot of her two dogs with “Big Sister” kerchiefs around their necks.

Savannah Chrisley wrote, “Love you so so much,” and Brittany Aldean added, “Congratulations y’all. What a precious boy.”

Bryan told E! News that they immediately took off for South Carolina to meet the little one.

“My niece, Jordan — her little boy came a little early. Jordan went and had a little boy. And so, we kind of gathered our things up and got to South Georgia. Caroline and I got to go see our brand-new precious little nephew, and he and mama are doing well. So, we got a new baby. We got a new mama in our family. That made Mother’s Day,” said Bryan.

Luke Bryan Helped Raise His Niece and Her Siblings

Luke’s family has experienced several tragedies over the years, as both of his siblings and his brother-in-law have died. In the mid-1990s, when Bryan was 19, his older brother, Chris, was killed in a car accident. Then in 2007, just after Bryan made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry, his sister Kelly Cheshire died unexpectedly at home; the cause has never been determined.

“She was home with her 3-year-old, and it was like someone turned the lights out. They never determined what happened. The autopsies, the coroner, no one could figure it out,” Luke told People in 2013 (via

In a 2013 interview with ABC News, Bryan said those losses almost broke him, saying, “My only older siblings … gone from the world, in a flash in two, two different, crazy, tragic manners, that … we’ll never know, and never understand.”

His sister’s three children were raised for a few years by their father, Ben, but then he died of a heart attack at the age of 46. So Bryan and his wife Caroline took in their nieces Jordan and Kris and nephew Til, in addition to their sons Bo and Tate.

“We never thought twice about it,” Caroline Bryan told ABC News in 2017 about taking the children into their family. “You know, it was never something that he and I had to sit down and talk about, you know, should we take this on? We just did it.”

Bryan walked his niece Jordan down the aisle at her wedding last September and now she has made Bryan a great-uncle. Congratulations to the Bryan family on their beautiful new addition.

“American Idol” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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