‘American Idol’ Voting 2021: How to Vote for Season 19 Top 24

American Idol spoilers

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During this week’s All-Star Duets and Solos round of ABC’s American Idolvoting was finally opened up to the viewers, meaning the power has shifted away from the judge’s hands.

During the Top 24 performances, contestants performed with a number of stars including Brian McKnight, Brandon Boyd and Katharine McPhee.

Read on to learn how to vote for your favorite contestant.

There Are Three Ways to Vote for ‘American Idol’

There are three separate ways to vote for your favorite contestants. First, you can vote at AmericanIdol.com/vote or download the American Idol app. The other convenient way to vote is via text message. For texting, you simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523.”

Here are the numbers for night one:

Alanis Sophia: Text 1 to 21523
Cassandra Coleman: Text 2 to 21523
Alyssa Wray: Text 3 to 21523
Wyatt Pike: Text 4 to 21523
Alana: Text 5 to 21523
Anilee List: Text 6 to 21523
Deshawn Goncalves: Text 7 to 21523
Graham DeFranco: Text 8 to 21523
Andrea Valles: Text 9 to 21523
Cecil Ray: Text 10 to 21523
Willie Spence: Text 11 to 21523
Grace Kinstler: Text 12 to 21523

Here are the numbers for night two (April 5, 2021)

Jason Warrior: Text 13 to 21523
Madison Watkins: Text 14 to 21523
Beane: Text 15 to 21523
Hannah Everhart: Text 16 to 21523
Mary Jo Young: Text 17 to 21523
Chayce Beckham: Text 18 to 21523
Colin Jamieson: Text 19 to 21523
Liahona Olayan: Text 20 to 21523
Ava August: Text 21 to 21523
Caleb Kennedy: Text 22 to 21523
Hunter Metts: Text 23 to 21523
Casey Bishop: Text 24 to 21523

You don’t have to limit your vote to just one contestant or just one vote per contestant. Instead, you can split your 10 votes between contestants if you’d like. On the website or the app, you can split them up however you want. When it comes to texting, you just have to text 21523 the contestant’s number however many times you’d like to vote for them.

Vote up to 30 times per week. At the end of the voting period, the votes will be tallied, and the contestants with the fewest number of votes will be sent home at the beginning of next week’s episode.

Eight contestants will make it through from each night, leading to the reveal of the top 16 for season 19 of American Idol. That does mean that four of the contestants who perform on each night will be sent home, however.

Stay tuned for some big twists that may be happening to shake that up, however.

What is the ‘American Idol’ 2021 Schedule?

This season, there are more episodes scheduled than there have been previously, according to spoilers site MJs Big Blog and Futon Critic. It’s likely that the extra episodes are results shows, which will allow contestants to have separate performance and result shows once again.

Here’s what the schedule for the rest of the season looks like, according to the two sites:

  • Sunday, April 4: Top 24 Perform
  • Monday, April 5
  • Sunday, April 11: Top 16 Perform
  • Monday, April 12
  • Sunday, April 18
  • Monday, April 19
  • Monday, April 26
  • Sunday, May 2
  • Monday, May 3
  • Sunday, May 9
  • Monday, May 10
  • Sunday, May 16
  • Monday, May 17
  • Sunday, May 23

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p..m. Eastern and Pacific.

At the time of writing, the season finale of American Idol is scheduled for Sunday, May 23, though it’s possible that will change at some point.

One thing that likely won’t change is the precautions the show is taking for COVID-19 safety reasons.

Luke Bryan recently opened up to People about the hardest part of filming the show this time around.

“The interesting thing is just trying to navigate all of the new rules of COVID-19,” Bryan said. “One tricky thing is a lot of times during the audition process, contestants will get very, very emotional and it will be an emotional situation for them.”

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on ABC.

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