Alejandro Aranda, ‘American Idol’ Runner-Up: Where is He Now?

Alejandro Aranda

Getty Alejandro Aranda, scarypoolparty

Alejandro Aranda, now better known by the stage name scarypoolparty, was the runner-up of season 17 of ABC’sAmerican Idol,” finishing behind fan-favorite winner Laine Hardy.

Aranda was a standout for most of the competition, as he sang many original songs and was celebrated as a talented songwriter as well as a singer.

Now, Aranda releases music under the label Hollywood Records, which signs many of the “American Idol” winners. Aranda has also performed again on “American Idol” and has also toured around the nation.

Aranda has over 614,000 followers on Instagram at the time of writing, and he recently released new music.

Read on to learn more about what Aranda has done since his “American Idol” win and what he’s doing now.

Aranda Released a New Album In 2021

Alejandro Aranda released his most recent album, titled The Act of Forgiveness in 2021, and the album includes 21 new tracks from the artist.

“I went into the studio with the mindset of wanting to make a new record,” he shared with Relix about his album in August 2021. He said that they were intending to do an acoustic album but decided to include piano because of the inspirational piano in the studio.

“I was just experiencing being in the studio and recording music,” he shared. “A lot of those ideas were generated from getting great sounds on that piano. It was such an amazing experience.”

Later in the interview, Aranda said that he’s also okay with fans picking different songs on the album rather than listening straight through.

“On the album, there is a taste for everybody,” he shared. “The way I wrote it was I was creating in the moment. How I would listen to it is like a vinyl double album: side one, let it run; side two, let it run. I would love for people to listen to it all the way through like that. Like a record on a turntable.”

The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to thank the people who helped him make the album when announcing its release.

“Lastly, I want to thank the fans for believing in me and for the countless support that they provide,” he wrote. “Honestly, this record means so much to me. It’s filled with stories and it’s filled with good times. It’s filled with laughter and fun. I hope you enjoy, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me put out this record. All love!”

Aranda Also Released An EP In 2021

Aranda didn’t just release his double album in 2021. He also released an extended play titled “Los Angeles” in late March 2021, which included four songs.

“Each song varies in style, but they all have heavy drums and very cinematic kinds of styles,” Aranda told the Daily Bulletin in February 2021.

Prior to the EP, Aranda released a new single titled “Home,” which he used to blend acoustic elements with electronic music. He told the Daily Bulletin that the song was about people battling their own mental demons while also falling in love and being in love.

“I really wanted to make a pop song but really talk about heavy topics,” he told the outlet. “It’s legit about mental problems that a lot of us deal with on a daily basis. In terms of my own life, getting therapy and getting things that you need within your life and maintaining friendships and maintaining a healthy mindset is really something that should be the goal in everyone’s life.”

Aranda’s first studio album, Exit Form, was released in November 2019, following his “American Idol” run. The album peaked at number 6 on the United States charts. His second album, Doom Hologram, was released on September 4, 2020, on vinyl and via digital download.

Aranda is making the most out of his “American Idol” past, touring and releasing albums on a semi-regular schedule, making him one of the more successful recent contestants from the show.

“American Idol” returns in 2022 for an all-new season.

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