‘Big Brother 23’ Live Feeds: Alliances Already Forming

The 'Big Brother' 23 premiere

CBS The 'Big Brother' 23 premiere

There are already alliances forming in the “Big Brother” 23 house. Read on to find out who is joining forces but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.


The Main Alliance Is ‘The Slaughterhouse’

In the Head of Household room around 4:15 a.m. Pacific time, Frenchie, Sarah Beth, Britini, Alyssa, and Tiffany talk about alliances. Azah, Hannah, Claire and Derek F. have also been a part of the conversation, which is an awfully big alliance to start the game.

Later, around 6:25 a.m., the Britini and Azah talk about the Slaughterhouse solidified as being Frenchie, Britini, Azah, Derek F (aka Big D), Claire and Hannah.

Frenchie isn’t sure exactly who he is going to nominate yet, but back at the 4:15 a.m. mark he does tell Sarah Beth, Britini, and Tiffany that his plan is to do a true backdoor. He wants to nominate two pawns and then send one of the big guys out the door. The ladies are understandably nervous about this because pawns go home all the time on “Big Brother.”

He also said several times on the feeds that he will not nominate a woman in week one and he wants to target dude-bros and blooming showmances.

“I do not under any circumstances want to put a woman on the block this week. I don’t want to do that,” said Frenchie. “Me being a fan of the show, the inside of me is like, ‘Damn, I wish they would come together and form a powerhouse woman alliance and I would have to work my a** off to stay in the house,’ but game me right now is like, ‘I would be scared s***less of all of them. I would be a huge target.’ But the fan in me wins everytime and I’m like yes, please, do it! I’ll be in that alliance with y’all.”

It should be interesting to see who Frenchie nominates.

UPDATE: Around 10:30 a.m. on the live feeds, Frenchie and Whitney approached Xavier about joining the Slaughterhouse alliance and the three of them forming a core four called the Butchers. They aren’t sure yet who the fourth member will be, but Xavier floats the idea of “Big D,” aka Derek Frazier.

Around 11:15 a.m. on the feeds, Frenchie told Britini that his target is probably Brent. He’s not sure who his pawns will be in his backdoor scheme. Britini then says the main Slaughterhouse alliance should be herself, Frenchie, Big D, Azah, Kyland, Whitney, and Tiffany, with the “core four” being the Jokers team (herself, Frenchie, Azah and Big D). So… what about Xavier?

There Is an Unnamed Dude Alliance Possibly Forming

Elsewhere in the house, an alliance made up of some of the guys seems to be on the way to forming. They didn’t make anything official, but the seeds are there. Travis and Derek X, aka “Little Derek,” want to work together and they think they can get Kyland and Xavier on board with them as the “core four,” then they each pull in one person to help get the numbers but who are not part of the core four. This all happened a little after 6 a.m. Pacific on the feeds. They will most likely also try to get Brent and Christian to work with them.

Whitney is a bit of a wildcard. She seems to be hitting it off with Brent, so there’s a chance she becomes the first “showmance victim” of the season. Alyssa and Xavier also seem to be hitting it off, so she might be someone to keep an eye on in terms of sticking with the Slaughterhouse alliance or siding with the men if Xavier gets sucked into the Brent-Little Derek-Travis-Christian alliance. It will be interesting to see which alliance Xavier decides to side with.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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