‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 33 Recap

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CBS Will Derek F. stay off the block this week? Or will the Power of Veto competition put him in danger?

Tonight on “Big Brother,” the final four houseguests will compete in the final Power of Veto competition of the summer.

Head of Household Xavier put Azah and Kyland on the block this week. Despite having a final two deal with Kyland, this was Xavier’s best chance to take a shot at him. If Kyland wins the Power of Veto, Big D would automatically become the replacement nominee.

One thing is for sure: only one person can vote to evict this week since the nominees and the HOH can’t vote. With the season finale just one week away, tonight’s Power of Veto competition is crucial.

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

10:01 PM EST: It’s finally “Big Brother” time! Tonight’s episode started late due to the “Survivor” season premiere.

10:04 PM EST: Kyland knows that everything is riding on the veto competition this week. He has to win.

10:05 PM EST: Big D is coming to terms with the fact that he might need to say goodbye to Azah this week. He has a final three deal with Xavier and Kyland, but is keeping Kyland really the smartest move?

10:06 PM EST: Big D tells Azah that he’s had final two deals with both Kyland and Xavier since the beginning of the game. Azah is shocked and tells Big D that he’s essentially telling her he has a final three with the guys. Azah is realizing that getting rid of Hannah wasn’t a great move for her game.

10:08 PM EST: Big D tells Kyland that it’s going to be hard if he has to send Azah home. He’s trying to make sure his final two deal with Kyland still stands. But Kyland feels threatened by the conversation and won’t give Big D a straight answer. He feels like Big D is holding the power he has this week (the sole eviction vote) over his head.

10:10 PM EST: Azah and Xavier chat. Azah asks Xavier if he plans to take Kyland to the final two. In the Diary Room, Xavier acknowledges that he has a better chance of beating Azah and Big D than Kyland.

10:13 PM EST: Big D is just trying to get a straight answer from Kyland about where they stand, but Kyland won’t give him one. He keeps saying he can’t think about the final two until he makes sure he’s going to be in the final three. Kyland throws shade at Big D by saying that he’s actually played a role in keeping The Cookout together, whereas Big D wasn’t able to do anything for their mission. “He’s off in Ky Land, his own planet.” – Big D.

10:17 PM EST: Xavier calls out Kyland’s strange habit of sniffing things very intently. We see him putting his whole face into a tortilla and sniffing it. And we have a Kyland sniffing montage! Things Kyland has sniffed: dental floss (after using it), pillows, clothes, a pineapple, slippers, and tissues. Xavier says he wants the “sniffing bandit” out of the house.

10:19 PM EST: Xavier talks to Big D. He’s making a pitch to Big D that it’s going to be harder for both of them to beat Kyland than Azah. Xavier is trying to sway Big D to evict Kyland. But Big D feels conflicted about going back on his final two deal with Kyland.

10:24 PM EST: Xavier gets to choose one other houseguest to watch an early screening of a “CSI: Vegas” episode with him. He picks Azah.

10:26 PM EST: Aww it’s almost like Azah and Xavier’s first date. Except not really.

10:27 PM EST: Big D talks to Azah and tells her he’s taking her unwavering loyalty into consideration this week. He hasn’t made up his mind about who to evict: Azah or Kyland.

10:33 PM EST: It’s the final Power of Veto competition of the summer! This competition is called “BB Winning Days.”

Houseguests will hear about events that happened in the “Big Brother” house this summer. They must decide on which day of the game that event happened. Then, they must walk across a seesaw carrying numbered balls that add up to the correct answer. At the end of the seesaw, they place the balls on a veto card that looks something like a Bingo board.

If any of their balls fall off the veto card as they’re walking back and forth on the seesaw, they must reset. They must also reset if they fall off the seesaw. The last houseguest to buzz in the correct answer gets a strike. Two strikes and you’re out!

10:35 PM EST: First question: on which day did the houseguests meet OTEV?

10:38 PM EST: Big D was the last to finish for this question so he gets a strike.

10:38 PM EST: Next question: on which day did the BB NFTs drop on the memory wall?

10:39 PM EST: Kyland gets a strike.

10:46 PM EST: Next question: on which day did Christian win his second veto competition? Kyland keeps knocking his balls off the veto card by walking too quickly on the seesaw.

10:47 PM EST: Ooooh, Kyland gets a second strike. He’s eliminated. No veto win for him.

10:47 PM EST: Next question: on which day did the oven catch on fire? Azah is the one who was cooking when this happened, but she doesn’t know the answer. Xavier doesn’t either.

10:48 PM EST: Azah guesses day 54 but she’s wrong. Xavier does the same and then realizes the correct answer is probably day 55.

10:49 PM EST: Azah gets a strike.

10:50 PM EST: Next question: on which day was the first wildcard competition played? They all know the answer so it comes down to speed.

10:51 PM EST: Azah is eliminated.

10:51 PM EST: Next question: on which day did The Cookout become the final six?

10:52 PM EST: Big D is eliminated. Xavier wins the final Power of Veto.

10:53 PM EST: Kyland breaks down and cries. He put so much trust in Xavier, but was that the wrong choice?

10:55 PM EST: Xavier walks in on Kyland being down on himself. “You okay?” Xavier asks Kyland. “I hope so,” he responds. Xavier tells Kyland he isn’t going to be doing any veto strategy talk for the rest of the day. This is a red flag for Kyland. He tries to get Xavier to promise he’ll use the veto on him but Xavier won’t make that promise.

10:58 PM EST: We won’t know for sure what happens with the veto ceremony until tomorrow, but Xavier has made up his mind about keeping nominations the same. He wants Kyland gone this week. But will he be able to convince Big D to evict him?

10:59 EST: Tune in for the live eviction at 8 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow. After tomorrow’s eviction, it’s down to the final three!

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