‘Big Brother’ 2021 Spoilers: Episode 5 Recap

Big Brother 23

Youtube Week 2 nominations will be revealed in tonights episode of Big Brother.

Tonight on “Big Brother”, HOH Kyland’s nominees will be revealed. We’ll also see who wins the Wildcard competition and if the Wildcard winner will be able to guarantee safety for any of their teammates.

Will Kyland and the rest of the house want Frenchie on the block after his antics last week? Or will Kyland keep the Slaughterhouse intact? Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:04 PM EST: Kyland wants to know who cast the two votes against Alyssa. Of course, we know that Tiffany and Derek F. cast those rogue votes. Derek F. cast the vote simply to stir the pot. Tiffany cast the vote because Frenchie asked her to. Frenchie wanted a rogue vote against Alyssa so people would think Derek X. voted against the house.

8:09 PM EST: Xavier pretends to iron a paper towel in order to discretely talk to Kyland. Very inconspicuous.

8:10 PM EST: Tiffany might be regretting casting a rogue vote per Frenchie’s request as he’s already running his mouth saying he knows who cast the two votes against Alyssa.

8:11 PM EST: We get to see Travis telling Kyland that Frenchie can’t be trusted just an hour before Travis was evicted. During Travis’s exit interview, Julie Chen Moonves alluded to the fact that Travis tried to blow up Frenchie’s game right before leaving the “Big Brother” house.

8:16 PM EST: Whooo wants to see Kyland’s HOH room?! Tiffany reads Kyland’s letter from his mom aloud since he is too emotional to read it.

8:17 PM EST: In a brilliant strategy move, Tiffany pretends to get emotional about missing her son so she can be “comforted” by Azah alone. But really the ladies are talking game without anyone knowing. As soon as Derek X. walks in, Tiffany pretends to be crying.

8:19 PM EST: It’s time for the Wildcard Competition!

8:21 PM EST: Frenchie will be playing for the Jokers and Sarah Beth will be playing for the Kings. Brent was randomly selected to play for the Aces.

8:26 PM EST: Frenchie tells Kyland that he will always be a bigger target than him. He knows he’s in danger this week.

8:27 PM EST: The fact that Kyland didn’t assure Frenchie he was safe sets him off. He begins telling his alliance members, such as Brent and Whitney, that he knows he’s out, causing them to worry he’s a loose cannon.

8:30 PM EST: Frenchie tells Brent that his fate is sealed this week unless he wins the Wildcard. Brent takes this to mean Frenchie is asking him to throw the Wildcard competition. But Brent’s patience with Frenchie’s unpredictability and selfish gameplay is wearing thin.

8:36 PM EST: The Wildcard Competition has an art gallery theme. It’s called “BB Flying Colors.” Players must study the details of a painting and answer questions about the colors of the painting once it’s gone. The first player with three points wins.

8:37 PM EST: Sarah Beth earns the first point…and gets pink paint splattered all over her as a reward.

8:39 PM EST: Brent earns a point.

8:40 PM EST: Frenchie earns a point. Three-way tie.

8:41 PM EST: Sarah Beth earns her second point.

8:42 PM EST: Sarah Beth wins the Wildcard Competition! In the Diary Room, Brent says he’s just glad Frenchie didn’t win.

8:44 PM EST: It’s revealed that if Sarah Beth wants safety this week, she’ll have to switch to the Queens team. She’ll have to select a member of the Queens to take her place on the Kings team. The members of the kings are Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Christian, and Xavier. The remaining members of the Queens are Claire, Kyland, and Tiffany. Kyland cannot be traded since he is HOH.

8:50 PM EST: Sarah Beth reveals that she’s staying with her team. She and Kyland are close, and she feels safe this week regardless.

8:52 PM EST: Tiffany talks to Kyland and tells him that Frenchie, Whitney, and Brent are a three-headed monster in the house. We see a montage of essentially everyone in the house telling Kyland one-on-one that Frenchie can’t be trusted and is spiraling. This includes his former closest allies, Whitney and Brent.

8:54 PM EST: Frenchie was an obvious target, but Kyland also has his eye on Britini for nominations. She doesn’t offer him much valuable information during their one-on-one and he deduces that she’s loyal to her team more than anyone else. Her team includes Frenchie.

8:58 PM EST: Kyland nominates Frenchie and Britini. He tells Frenchie that things have recently been brought to his attention that have shown him he can only trust his initial teammates. He tells Britini that she’s nominated because he knew she’d be loyal to her team captain, Frenchie. He worried that she would take Frenchie off the block if she were to be selected for the POV.

9:00 PM EST: Britini is very emotional about being nominated.

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, July 21 at 8 PM EST.

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