Big Brother 24: Kyle & Alyssa Make Out on the Live Feeds

Kyle & Alyssa

YouTube Kyle & Alyssa make out on live feeds

Things are heating up in the “Big Brother” house. Yesterday, houseguests Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider were seen making out on the 24/hour live feeds.

The two have been flirting for weeks, but Kyle made it clear he didn’t want a showmance to mess up his game.

In the past, the Utah native fought off Alyssa’s advances, but apparently, he couldn’t hold out any longer.

A “Big Brother” fan account shared footage of the steamy moment on Twitter.

The video starts with Alyssa and Kyle lying in bed. Kyle asks Alyssa, “Should we go see where Turner is?” To which she replies, “mhmm.”

Kyle then calls out to his buddy Joseph to see if he wants to come with them. Alyssa tells Kyle that Joseph is sleeping. Kyle calls out to Joseph one more time, but he doesn’t get a response.

Kyle then turns over to Alyssa and kisses her.

Fans React to Kyle & Alyssa Kiss

“Big Brother” fans took to Twitter last night to voice their thoughts on Kyle and Alyssa’s romantic moment.

Some fans expressed concern that Kyle’s relationship with Alyssa may ruin his chance at winning the game.

“He’s about to ruin his game,” one fan tweeted

“I hate this for Kyle, but he is human,” another fan wrote. 

“Goodbye. it was fun while it lasted. [She] will ruin his game,” a third user wrote. 

“I was a fan of Kyle until today, I don’t like showmances & I hate that Kyle is risking his game to showmance Alyssa!  #BB24,” a fourth user tweeted. 

Who Is Going Home This Week?



Here’s what you missed this week on the live feeds.

Who was nominated?

Monte, the current Head of Household, nominated bestie pair Alyssa and Indy for eviction.

Who won the Veto?

Kyle and Daniel won the Veto competition, granting them the opportunity to either save Alyssa and Indy or keep nominations the same.

Kyle and the Leftovers alliance struggled to decide whether to use the Veto or not. Some members thought they should keep nominations the same and evict Alyssa. Other members proposed a backdoor plan to get rid of Nicole.

In the end, Kyle and Daniel used the Veto to remove Alyssa and Indy from the block. Monte named bestie pair Nicole and Taylor as the replacement noms.

If all goes according to plan, Nicole will be the third houseguest sent packing during the Thursday, August 4 live eviction episode.

How to Watch the Live Feeds

The live feeds are available on Paramount Plus. Fans can access the feeds by signing up for a Paramount Plus subscription.

The streaming service offers two subscription plans. Users can either pay $4.99 a month or sign up for a premium subscription plan for $9.99 a month and enjoy advertisement-free content.
Sign up HERE.

“Big Brother 24” airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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