If You Don’t Watch ‘Sequester,’ It’s Time to Start

Sequester is an online TV show for serious reality TV fans.

Sequester Sequester is an online TV show for serious reality TV fans.

If you’re wondering, “What is Sequester?”, the answer is “it is about to be your new favorite reality show. Fans of Big Brother and Survivor who are eagerly awaiting new seasons of those shows, take note — Sequester is here to help you while away the time. Here’s what you need to know about it.

It Started Online and Later Added Live-Action Seasons

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Audrey Middleton of Big Brother 17 fame is the mastermind behind this ingenious reality competition for superfans of the genre. It started in 2016 as a web series airing on YouTube. Seasons were streamed live at night for a couple of hours for eight to 10 days where 12 to 16 contestants would compete in an at-home version of a reality show like Big Brother or Survivor.

It was such a hit that in late 2017, the show started casting for its first live-action edition. So far, three seasons of the live-action version have aired on YouTube. For those, all the contestants live in a house outside Atlanta, Georgia, and compete for a $2500 prize.

During the initial online-only seasons, Big Brother contestants Michelle Meyer and Tiffany Rousso both played (in separate seasons) and then fellow Big Brother alum Judd Daugherty played in season 2 of the live-action version. The upcoming fourth live-action season, which premieres Sunday, November 29, features Survivor alum Shirin Oskooi among its cast members.

If you want to get in on the online version, you can apply at any time. In a YouTube video about how the game works, past contestants described it thusly:

Sequester is a crazy game for people who love reality TV or they’ve always wanted to play a reality TV game. Contestants from around the world face off with each other in a game of challenges and deception two hours a night. You play from home. It’s high intensity, interactive, unique, it’s really quick-paced and you have to be on your feet all the time. You have just about a week to form alliances, make friendships, and stab everybody you can in the back to get yourself to the top.”

The online versions that lasted for around a week are no longer taking place. Instead, there are mini versions that have 18-20 competitors and last five to six hours. In order to play in one of those, you must be a Sequester patron. You can also sign up with a group of friends and/or family and play your own private mini Sequester game for $25/person.

There are Reality TV-Themed Minis Too

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The past live-action seasons are all available on YouTube, plus there are also mini seasons that have featured reality TV royalty.

The Big Brother U.S. versus Big Brother Canada season featured James Rhine, Rachel Reilly, Matt Hoffman, Ovi Kabir, Kaityn Herman, Rachel Swindler, and more fan-faves.

There was also a Survivor mini that featured Rick Devens, Abi-Maria Gomes, Jamal Shipman, Peih-Gee Law, Erik Reichenbach, Jonny Fairplay, Lauren Beck, Kellyn Bechtold, Brice Johnston, Kelley Wentworth, Dean Kowalski, J’Tia Hart, Carolyn Rivera and more.

SEQUESTER MINI // SURVIVOR INTROSMake sure to SUBSCRIBE and click the notification bell! Play mini's and also support Sequester by becoming a patron here:patreon.com/Sequester IF YOU ARE NEW TO SEQUESTER WATCH THIS FIRST: youtube.com/watch?v=-brIyjdolEg&t=4s Business Inquiries please contact: SequesterAccess@gmail.com Follow Sequester on social media for updates. Twitter.com/SequesterAccess Facebook.com/SequesterAccess instagram.com/SequesterAccess Join our community group on facebook for exclusive updates: facebook.com/groups/222542324913422/2020-05-25T00:04:51Z

So, check it out at the official website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page, and get ready for the season four premiere Sunday, November 29. It is a great way to fill the Big Brother– or Survivor-shaped hole in your life right now.

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