‘Big Brother’ Week 4 Eviction Prediction & Week 5 HOH Scenarios

Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha in the 'Big Brother 23' house

CBS Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha in the 'Big Brother 23' house

It is time for the fourth eviction of “Big Brother 23” and it seems pretty set in stone barring something very crazy happening on Thursday, August 5 in the house before the live eviction episode. Here’s what we know and what the likely scenarios are with the next Head of Household competition.

The Likely Eviction

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Whitney Williams has been Christian Birkenberger’s target from the get-go and the Power of Veto competition did not change that, considering Christian won that as well. So, it should be unanimous (or nearly unanimous) to evict Whitney.

It has made for a fairly lowkey week in the house, but it feels like everyone needed a breather after the whirling dervish that was Brandon “Frenchie” French’s time in the house. Now that Frenchie and his two cohorts will be gone once Whitney is out, things are going to get interesting.

First off, the houseguests don’t know the team twist is up after this week, though it sounds like some of them have started to suspect it is. So it will be interesting to see where people’s loyalties lie now that their safety is not tied to their team.

Also, the next Head of Household competition is huge and we’ll tell you why below but be warned of some light spoilers from inside the house.


The Week 5 Targets

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Sarah Beth Steagull is in danger this week if she doesn’t win Head of Household — and she has no idea because Wednesday night on the feeds, she was talking about how she has to throw the Head of Household competition because she thinks her only smart nominee/target is Hannah Chaddha. We don’t totally understand why she would have to target Hannah, but either way, Sarah Beth needs to wise up. Throwing the competition is not in her best interest because Tiffany Mitchell wants her out due to her close relationship with Kyland Young — and Tiffany is very, very good at getting people to see things her way. Basically, whatever Tiffany wants, Tiffany gets at this point. She is very quietly running the house right now.

Hannah, Derek Frazier, and Xavier Prather are also targeting Sarah Beth for the same reasons as Tiffany. They think to protect the Cookout, Sarah Beth has got to go.

Meanwhile, there’s another contingent that wants to target Christian and Alyssa Lopez because of their showmance, though there is not a general consensus as to who to evict first. But Derek Xiao, Azah Awasum, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland all want to target Christian and/or Alyssa.

Christian can’t play for HOH, so this is the perfect week to get him out. He has shown himself to be a huge competition threat, but he’s so well-liked in the house that they may not go after him. And as for Alyssa/Christian’s target, if she wins HOH, they are going after Azah.

The one random wildcard is Britini. If she wins HOH, she’s going after Derek X.

It should be fun to watch, especially because it’s an endurance competition.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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