Who Died on ‘Big Sky’ Tonight? 5/11/2021

Who Died on Big Sky Tonight

ABC "Big Sky" stars Valerie Mahaffey as Helen Pergman, Brian Geraghty as Ronald Pergman, John Carroll Lynch as Rick Legarski, Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell, Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt, Dedee Pfeiffer as Denise Brisbane, Jesse James Keitel as Jerrie, Jade Pettyjohn as Grace Sullivan, and Natalie Alyn Lind as Danielle Sullivan.

It’s rare that someone doesn’t get killed on an episode of “Big Sky”. But, with the finale coming up next week and the body count getting higher, the action certainly isn’t slowing down.

IMDb has reported the official synopsis of season 1’s episode 15 is titled “Bitter Roots” and it reads, “When Scarlet gets an alarming call that her sister is missing, Ronald realizes just how twisted his situation has become and must decide his next move. Meanwhile, Cassie, Jenny, Gil and Rosie find themselves in a whole mess of trouble on the ranch, forced to face off against the worst of the Kleinsasser bunch.”

Read on below for a recap of the episode and rundown on who died.

What Happened on “Big Sky” Tonight

Scarlett’s daughter Phoebe finds Ronald, aka Arthur, burying her aunt in the woods. Ronald tells her he’s burying a deer and requests that she keep it a secret. Ronald contemplates killing Phoebe and Phoebe is clearly disturbed by the situation.

The battle within the Kleinsasser family continued, with Cassie and Jenny playing a game of cat and mouse. The Kleinsassers hunt down the two, with Jenny getting knocked unconscious and Cassie being hit by a truck that Rand Kleinsasser was driving. Cassie managed to fire off shots at Rand before he hit her.

In the morning, Cassie finds Rand’s truck overturned, with blood inside, clearly from wounds inflicted by Cassie’s gunfire.

Jenny wakes up in the barn of the Kleinsassers and they invite her in for breakfast, against her will. Cheyenne and her mother break up the breakfast and Jenny makes an unsuccessful escape attempt.

Scarlet gets a phone call from Mark at Dewell & Hoyt, who lets her know her sister Mary is missing. Scarlet tries to hide the call from Ronald at first. Gil and Jerrie find out the location of Scarlet’s cell phone. Gil chooses to go it alone.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Gil’s daughter Rosie try to track down an injured Rand.

Scarlet comes clean to Ronald about the phone call and begs for him to go to Mary’s house with her. She says there is something in the house the police can’t find. Clearly, it’s the body of her ex, who was found by the police on a previous episode. Ronald seems a little confused but agrees, probably happy that Scarlet doesn’t suspect him of anything.

Horst Kleinsasser gives daughter Cheyenne his gun and gives her the opportunity to see if she “has what it takes”. He wants Cheyenne to kill Gil.

Ronald and Scarlet drop Phoebe off with a friend named Peg while they head to Mary’s home.

Rosie and Cassie find a bleeding Rand. They’re interrupted by Rand’s mother Margaret, who comes to her son’s aid, hugging him as he dies. Margaret blames her husband for Rand’s death.

JW, Horst’s remaining son, visits Jenny, who is back in the barn.

Meanwhile, Jerrie traces where Scarlet and Ronald are headed. Mark goes after them. Then, Jerrie decides to take it upon herself to go after them herself.

Scarlet reveals the truth to Ronald about her murdering Phoebe’s father and stashing him in Mary’s basement. She then lets Ronald know she knows exactly who he is but loves him just the same. Ronald is flabbergasted and attacks her, but this doesn’t phase her. Ronald says he doesn’t want to pretend anymore and the two share a steamy kiss and embrace.

Margaret tells her husband that Rand is dead. She tells him that it’s his fault.

Cheyenne is unable to shoot Gil and offers to let him go, but she is interrupted by Cassie and Rosie. Cheyenne warns them that JW is with Jenny and that he will most likely kill her.

JW and Jenny face off. Cheyenne and Cassie approach them. JW attacks Cheyenne but he is shot and killed by Jenny as he holds Cheyenne against the ground.

Corrupt Sheriff Wagy and his deputy officer arrive to be confronted by Cassie and Jenny. Wagy admits to trying to have Cassie murdered and, of course, Jenny gets his confession, as well as a threat, on tape.

Ronald and Scarlet venture into Mary’s house together and Scarlet flips out when she realizes the body of her ex is gone. She hugs Ronald, who gets out his taser. They’re interrupted when they hear Jerrie pull up outside. Mark asks her to leave but then accepts she is there. The two break into the house while Ronald flashes his taser fun at Scarlet.

On the upcoming episode, Ronald is in custody but that doesn’t mean his time is over …

The “Big Sky” Season 1 Finale Synopsis Has Been Released

Next Tuesday airs the season 1 finale of “Big Sky”. ABC released the official synopsis for the episode, which is titled “Love Is a Strange and Dangerous Thing”. The synopsis states, “Cassie and Jenny leave the Kleinsasser women to forge their own path, ridding themselves of their ranch troubles and heading back home. Along with Jerrie and Lindor, they finally get to see Ronald behind bars, though he quickly strips them of any satisfaction by leading them on a wild goose chase, straight into the arms of the syndicate. A brutal battle ensues, clearing a path for Scarlet and Ronald to escape, but while they run off into the sunset Jenny risks her life to save Cassie’s. Is this the end for our dynamic duo? Only time will tell.”

And, for those wondering whether or not there will be a second season of the show, ABC confirmed via Twitter that there will be a season 2.

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