Blaeke Wolfe and Devin Stringfield Sentenced To Life Without Parole

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Tonight on Investigation Discovery’s Living a Nightmare, the disappearance and murder of Andrew “Drew” Cato is investigated. Cato was a 28-year-old father of two at the time of his disappearance and murder.

According to the episode synopsis for tonight’s Living a Nightmare, which is titled “A Son’s Last Kiss,” “The investigation and search for Drew Cato after he disappeared drags on. Eventually, his secrets start coming out one by one.”

According to WRDW, Cato was shot several times. He had been seen by his family on May 5, 2018, but none of his family ever saw him again.

Both Suspects Pleaded Guilty to Malice Murder

Blaeke Wolfe and Devin Stringfield each pleaded guilty to malice murder, WJBF reported.

When he was last seen leaving his home to go to work, Cato was driving his sister’s car. According to The Cinemaholic, he was supposed to return the car to his sister the following Monday so the two could run errands together, but he never showed up for that meeting. That day, his family reported him missing.

Both Wolfe and Stringfield were arrested before Cato’s remains were found, according to the Augusta Chronicle. They had confessed to police within a month of Cato’s disappearance.

The Cinemaholic wrote that Cato’s body was dumped in a separate county from the one he lived, in order to prolong the search process. Wolfe is the mother of Cato’s son, Hayden, and she allegedly was the one who planned Cato’s murder.

The confession to police included details that couldn’t have been known at the time, as Cato had not yet been located. According to The Cinemaholic, Wolfe told police that Stringfield killed Cato using a gun equipped with a silencer and then they worked together to place his body in the toolbox of Stringfield’s truck.

Wolfe and Stringfield Were Sentenced to Life In Prison

After the sentencing hearing, the Augusta Chronicle reported that Wolfe and Stringfield were both sentenced to life in prison plus five years, and both parties will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

The plea agreement outlined some rules that Wolfe and Stringfield will have to live by in the future, including that neither of them would have any future contact with the Cato family, the newspaper wrote. That deal bars Wolfe from having any contact with her and Cato’s son Hayden. If he eventually wants to talk to his mother once he turns 18, Wolfe will have to go through a petition process in the courts in order to honor that request.

On top of Wolfe and Stringfield’s sentences, Wolfe’s mother, Virginia Wolfe Reynolds, was also charged in connection with the crime. She was charged with concealing the death of another, the Augusta Chronicle reported. She was allegedly told about the murder the day after it occurred, but she did not tell the police.

Now, Blaeke Wolfe is serving her life sentence at the Pulaski State Prison in Georgia. Stringfield is serving his life sentence at Phillips State Prison in Georgia.

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