Andy Cohen Talks Never-Before-Seen Gia Giudice Rant

Gia and Teresa Giudice

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Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” is known to air some of the network’s shadiest moments, but are there any moments that are too much to air on television?

Andy Cohen appeared on the “Las Culturistas” podcast with hosts and comedians Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang on Wednesday, May 17, and the trio discussed one moment from Rogers’ first WWHL appearance that Cohen tried to cover up, before changing his mind and writing about the moment in his newest book, “The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up”.

“We had agreed to sweep under the rug what happened one evening in April of 2022 when I made my debut on ‘Watch What Happens Live’,” Rogers told Cohen, before explaining to listeners why he chose to rant about Gia Giudice during his appearance and why Bravo decided to cut the segment from the pre-recorded episode of the show.

Matt Rogers Sees Gia Giudice as ‘a Player on the Show’

Rogers explained that the WWHL producers asked him to do an I Don’t Think So Honey while on the show, which is a segment on each episode of “Las Culturistas” in which the hosts and guests take turns giving minute-long rants about anything in pop culture that is getting on their nerves, beginning with the phrase “I don’t think so honey, …”.

“I had just seen an episode of New Jersey where I think Gia overstepped. And let me say 21-year-old Gia, who’s in a full beat in a confessional… and getting into it with Joe Gorga,” Rogers said, before asking Cohen if Gia’s confessional appearances meant she was being paid for her “Housewives” appearances (to which Cohen responded “I can not confirm or deny”).

Yang asked his co-host, “And you see [Gia] as an adult?” to which Rogers replied, “I see her as a player on the show. And so the way she’s getting into it and the way I know Teresa will act if anyone engages with her, that to me is illegal. It’s an illegal move in ‘Housewives’ for me to bring my daughter into it, and you can see in Joe Gorga’s eyes like ‘Are you actually doing this for your mother, and are we gonna get into it? Am I gonna be the uncle that’s gonna have to set you right on television?’ So I went on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and with my I Don’t Think So Honey I did ‘I don’t think so honey, Gia Giudice’.”

Cohen called Rogers’ rant “savagely funny”, “shocking”, “surprising”, and “very pointed”, however he said that after speaking with WWHL producers, their team decided to cut the segment (since that episode was pre-taped). Rogers re-recorded that part of the episode and changed his rant to be about Evan Goldschneider being the hottest “Househusband”, a claim which he said in the podcast episode that he has since “retracted”.

“I was worried about the call I was going to get from Teresa like, ‘That’s my daughter, what are you doing?’ And I understand that she’s 21 but she’s still a kid in our eyes,” Cohen explained.

Kim DePaola Claims Gia Giudice is Paid for RHONJ

Rogers isn’t the only star to speculate whether or not Gia makes money from her on-screen appearances during “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Kim DePaola (known on the show as Kim D) appeared on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast in April 2022 to talk all things RHONJ, and while discussing Teresa, DePaola claimed that Gia was a “paid friend” for her filming season 12 of the show, however she was not sure the amount.

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